A Little Bit of Heaven

A Little Bit of Heaven

Directed by Nicole Kassell

There have been a few tries to put cancer in comedies in the past couple of years, most of which have had mixed-to-bad results, because cancer isn’t really that funny. So of course the next step is a weepy romantic comedy about dealing with cancer and finding love! Even weirder, it’s pretty much marketed as a romantic comedy even though is blurs more over into the drama category. But, despite the fact it’s getting awful awful reviews, A Little Bit of Heaven isn’t awful (or even awful awful), it’s far more complicated than that…

Marley Corbett is a carefree woman who seems like she has it all going on. She’s a young hip girl in the city, just scoring a big promotion and living life and partying. Working hard and playing hard. All that cliched jazz. Her biggest worry and biggest love is her pet bulldog, while men are nothing but a list of bootycalls. She has a whole cadre of friends who join her on her adventures.

But things aren’t going all that great in Marley’s life, unexplained loss of weight, bloody stools…something bad is on the horizon. After a visit to the very handsome Dr. Julian Goldstein, she’s diagnosed with advanced colon cancer. Of course, Marley is too busy having fun to take any of this seriously. She shocks her friends with her announcement done in a flippant way, unaware or uncaring about the shock she put them through. Her attitude begins to have some cracks after a colonoscopy shows things are worse than they thought and the only hope in an experimental procedure that might work or might not. It’s also during this colonoscopy that she has her first vision of the afterlife…

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Zorro Reborn – what happens when Zorro 2110 doesn't die

[adrotate banner=”1″]Those of you who are well-versed in the crazy crap that may come down the studio pipe might remember the IMDB had a listing for Zorro 2110 around 2008 or so that had no other information except a bunch of lawsuits. Amazingly, this film has returned to life in the form of Zorro Reborn, where the Zorro of a post-apocalyptic future does Zorro things and carves Zs into spaceships or something. This film took so long to exist that someone went ahead and already made a Future Zorro cartoon series, Zorro: Generation Z.

They got Gael Garcia Bernal to star as Zorro, because he’s awesome. The director is Rpin Suwannath, who was born with a terrible condition that destroyed vowels in his first name. He is a “previsualization specialist” – which means he hasn’t directed squat. The writers Lee Shipman and Brian McGreevy also wrote a Dracula reboot called Harker, which might star Russell Crowe as a Scotland Yard detective named Harker who investigates the Dracula murders. So now you have yet another film to look forward to!

Johnston McCulley wrote the original pulp stories, for more Zorro information you can Google “Zorro” yourself.

No word on that Samson in the Future script, but at current rates it won’t be a film until 2015 at the earliest..


Zorro Generation Z

Not a lightsaber, please don't sue us, Lucas!