Embrace of the Remake

[adrotate banner=”1″]Vampires are hot right now. Well, Twilight vampires and True Blood vampires, but only in those franchises. All other vampire stuff seems to be tanking. But that’s not going to stop people from trying to milk cash cows! So we must go deeper into the cult movie world and find new things to remake. Like the classic 90s erotic vampire film Embrace of the Vampire, which is famous because it had Alyssa Milano very naked very often in it. Sure, there was a plot, but I don’t remember anything beyond Alyssa Milano being naked, except that Charlotte Lewis was also naked. I think that was the subplot to the main plot of Alyssa Milano being naked. There may have been vampires and embracing, but it was mostly about Alyssa Milano being very naked.

Whoever Sharon Hinnendael is, she isn’t Alyssa Milano at her prime nor another very famous former child star trying to break into adult roles under advisement from an overbearing momager. So I already regard this remake with a wary eye, knowing there is also a sequel to Embrace of the Vampire that also doesn’t feature Alyssa Milano being naked and therefore no one has watched it ever, including the director of the sequel who shot it entirely with his eyes shut. But Cinetel and Anchor Bay are betting you will want to see the remake, financing it so Filmology Labs Entertainment (started by the guy who founded E! – Alan Mruvka -, so you know it’s going to be good!) and Grobman-Campbell Films can bring us the goods. Despite my obvious jaded nature, maybe, just maybe, they’ll make a good film. But it will probably be awful.

Oddly enough, I found Sharon Hinnendael’s MySpace that show she’s already been in at least one other vampire film, Nightfall, and that looked like a quality number:

Sharon Hinnendael

When Vampire Embracing goes too far...

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