A Wife’s Nightmare brings unsettling dreams to Lifetime!

A Wife's Nightmare Lifetime

A girl with messy hair? That’s the greatest nightmare of them all!

[adrotate banner=”7″]First of all, I question that a wife’s nightmare is her husband having a long-lost daughter showing up that turns out to be a murderous con artist, but perhaps that is a common phobia with housewives. Needless to say, A Wife’s Nightmare is Lifetime’s latest nightmare entry in domestic non-bliss entertainment. It’s like a turbo-powered Electra complex, and poor wife Jennifer Beals is being replaced by a mistress who is inside the house! Of course, it will probably end in women punching each other, something that happens quite often in Lifetime films.

Inspired by a true story. When a mysterious teenage girl shows up on their doorstep claiming to be her husband’s long lost daughter, Liz Michaels welcomes her into their home – but when Liz starts to feel pushed out of her own family, she begins to question the girl’s true motives and doubt her own sanity.

What that synopsis doesn’t mention is Liz just got back from having a mental breakdown, so everyone will call her crazy for the entire movie in addition to all the goofy stuff going on!

A Wife’s Nightmare stars Jennifer Beals, Spencer List, Katherine McNamara, Dylan Neal, and Lola Tash. It’s directed by Vic Sarin, who directed the prior Nightmare films A Mother’s Nightmare, A Sister’s Nightmare, and A Daughter’s Nightmare. You might say he’s the stuff Nightmares are made of! It’s written by Blake Corbet and Dan Trotta. Corbet has some production experience and Trotta seems to be a newcomer.

A Wife’s Nightmare premieres Saturday, December 27th on Lifetime!

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Hallmark fires up Charlaine Harris’ Aurora Teagarden series — with Candace Cameron Bure!

[adrotate banner=”1″]DJ Tanner will be solving mysteries in a new series of original movies on the Hallmark Channel. Aurora Teagarden is based on the mystery series by Charlaine Harris, most famous for the Southern Vampire Mystery series that gave birth to the HBO show True Blood.

Aurora Teagarden is not a place, but the name of the main character, Aurora “Roe” Teagarden, who is a librarian and member of the Real Murders Club. The group meets and analyzes famous murder cases until the members start popping up dead, killed in the manner of famous murder cases. Thus everyone is a suspect and a potential victim until the case is solved.

The Aurora Teagarden series consists of 8 books and one short story:

  • Real Murders
  • A Bone to Pick
  • Three Bedrooms, One Corpse
  • The Julius House
  • Dead Over Heels
  • “Deeply Dead” in Murder, They Wrote (short story)
  • A Fool And His Honey
  • Last Scene Alive
  • Poppy Done to Death

Between True Blood, this series, and Harris’ Harper Connelly Mysteries getting a SyFy series, she is becoming a force in genre series inspiration.

Candace Cameron Bure is set to play Roe Teagarden, with Teena Booth writing the adaptation. This is billed as part of the all-new Original Mystery Wheel Franchise, which is three different mystery movie series that tag team airings on a set night. The other two Mystery Wheel film series for 2015 are: Garage Sale Mystery series starring Lori Loughlin (also of Full House, it’s a Full House Mystery Domination!) and The Gourmet Detective starring Dylan Neal.

Hallmark Mystery fans will note that the original Garage Sale Mystery aired in 2013, the subsequent films will carry on the series. The Gourmet Detective is based on the book series by Peter King, and Dylan Neal’s wife Becky Southwell will write the films based on the novels.

The original Mystery Wheel Franchise featured films series including Mystery Woman with Kellie Martin, McBride with John Larroquette, Jane Doe with Lea Thompson, and Murder 101 with Dick Van Dyke

Hallmark is Lifetime’s only real competitor in original programming of this nature, so it’s good to see them stepping up their game a bit. It’s good to see mystery books making their way to television in multiple forms. This will probably open the field up wide and clear if they perform well, maybe even the gimmick mysteries I read with magical cats or talking cats or cats who hang out with their owners in the libraries (99% of the protagonists in mystery books are librarians). Basically, cat based mysteries are the future, and the future should be now! Until then, I guess I’ll settle for Candace Cameron Bure…

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Aurora Teagarden Charlaine Harris

There’s even a cat on this cover! I demand Mystery Cats!!!