Was Kristen Stewart fired from the Snow White and the Huntsman sequel??

[adrotate banner=”1″]Reports are saying Kristen Stewart has been fired from the sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman, despite the fact she’s Snow White, in response to her recent smoochy-smoochy scandal with Rupert Sanders. The reports also say that the studio is sticking with director Rupert Sanders, who is just as guilty, and is even more of a betrayer as he was married with two kids! You can see why he’s still on board, as his directorial style is so hot right now – incomprehensible action scenes, abrupt endings that resolve nothing, borrowing heavily from bigger and better films without acknowledging it… All reasons to put all your money on Sanders instead of blanking everything except Chris Hemsworth. I’m sure it’s totally not sexism, dumping a cash cow like Stewart in favor of a guy who has directed nothing except Snow White and the Huntsman. Either Stewart is testing awful in focus groups, or something is up… Something stupid. Sexism stupid.

Oddly enough, other reports are backtracking now that everyone is freaking out about how firing her is dumb. So who knows what the frak? Either the studio is attempting to shore up DVD sales by putting out a knowingly bogus story to keep the film in the news, or they’re testing things and didn’t expect the backlash from the story they floated.

At one point I was joking online about how the Huntsman should just blunder into the middle of random fairy tales for all the sequels, and that looks like the new direction as the writer who was going to write a Snow White-centered sequel has also been fired, David Koepp. Who will Huntsman save next, Cinderella? Beauty and the Beast? The Little Mermaid? Toy Story? Or will Chris Hemsworth have sex with Rupert Sanders so he can get fired too? I can’t wait to find out.

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My only crime was love. And betrayal. And bad acting. And apologizing publicly first. And being in an awful Snow White film. And probably other stuff.