Edison Chen plays a sex pervert in Coweb!

[adrotate banner=”1″]Edison Chen, he of the sex scandal, reportedly shot a five-minute cameo in the upcoming girl fighter flick Coweb, where he plays a sex pervert! The scene was shot before he was involved in the scandal, and it is unknown if he will be cut out. This is the perfect thing to guarantee them a good box office weekend, so they should totally keep Edison in. Coweb comes out May 1st. Edison Chen’s part in the film Sniper was rumored to be reshot with another actor, but he has ended up in the final cut.

source – sina via HKMDB news

High Kick Girl and Coweb – more women kicking butt!

We got a pair of female fighter movies to report on, and thanks to already released films Chocolate (Thailand) and Fighter (Denmark), this will be four such films in a short amount of time. Ignoring the fact that all four films are from different countries, is this the beginning of a whole slew of female fighter films? Because, that would be awesome! All four films also feature martial artists, not actresses, and they are all the film debuts of those girls. Now all we need is some enterprising producers to go and make some team-up movies and combine these girls together.

High Kick Girl – Japan

A cute high school girl who learns Karate must take on a group of secret fighters with help from her Karate master.

High Kick Girl
Rina Takeda will be starring in this one.

Official Blog – It is all in Japanese, so I hope you can read Japanese or are good at faking it.
High Kick Girl

UPDATE: Here is another trailer that is longer

Coweb – Hong Kong
Xiong Xin Xin Directs this one.

Jiang Luxia stars, she was a contestant in a show Jackie Chan ran to find the next kung fu film stars. Her character fights lots of bad guys who have kidnapped her boss. But the whole thing is a trick and her fights are being recorded and used by illegal gamblers. I think she will be pretty mad and have to beat more people up, right?

Will come out in March.

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