Robocroc comes to take a bite out of crime…or just random dudes!

UFO International Productions is giving us what could be an awesome SyFy flick with Robocroc! It’s about a crocodile that is turned into the ultimate killing machine thanks to top secret nanobots! Better yet, just read this cool description:

When a top-secret unmanned spacecraft disintegrates on re-entry, its mysterious military payload crash-lands in the crocodile habitat of a place called Adventure Land, a combination water park, amusement land and world famous crocodile exhibit. Following its pre-programmed instructions, the payload – a next-generation nanotech-based combat
drone – finds a host in the form of the park’s prize twenty-foot Australian Saltwater crocodile, Stella. She is the largest Saltwater croc in captivity. Immediately upon infecting its host, the drone payload’s nanobots begin to transform Stella from an organic, living creature into a lethal killing machine with only a single directive: Survival!

Before Chief Zoo Keeper Tim Duffy and reptile biologist Jane Spencer are able to figure out what’s going on, they find the park taken over by the government team responsible for the secret project. As the crocodile continues to transform, it escapes the crocodile exhibit and enters the water park, running amok, killing dozens of patrons.

The park is evacuated, but a handful of teens are trapped behind – including among them, Duffy’s estranged son. Duffy and Jane set out to rescue Duffy’s son while the government team and military personnel scramble to stop the rapidly evolving croc but nothing works. After their best efforts fail, the now fully-evolved ROBOCROC escapes the park and rampages further forcing a massive military deployment to stop it. Still following its prime directive: RoboCroc enters the city sewer system. With time running out, only Duffy has the knowledge and experience that will allow him to get close enough to the croc to destroy it.

In a desperate gambit, Duffy enters the sewer system armed with his knowledge of crocodile behavior and a tactical Electromagnetic Pulse Generator. Finally, after a terrifying confrontation in the bowels of the city and with his own life on the line, Duffy detonates the EMP and destroys RoboCroc and the nanobots once and for all.

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The only star info I could find is Corin Nemec is starring (presumably as Chief Zoo Keeper Tim Duffy) and that force is from the man himself via his twitter (which you should also be like me and follow!) Corin Nemec’s SyFy flicks are always awesome (unless they’re Raging Sharks!)

The Robocroc nickname probably comes from the real Robocroc, a crocodile that was given a bionic jaw in reconstructive surgery, who later sadly died.

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The world needs Dragon Wasps

[adrotate banner=”1″]It needs Dragon Wasps like it never needed anything before! What could be better than giant wasps that shoot fire? Like, nothing at all! Except maybe Flame Spiders. Someone get to work on that film immediately! But for now we’ll have to settle for Dragon Wasps, another awesome-looking creature flick from American World Pictures, the people bringing us Piranhaconda! Corin Nemec stars, and honestly, every SyFy flick he’s been in has been pretty damn good compared to the average SyFy feature (except Raging Sharks, which was awful awful awful) Dominika Wolski, Nikolette Noel, and Gildon Roland also star. Director Joe Knee had helmed a few other low budget genre flicks, but I haven’t seen any of them.
The plot:

When her father mysteriously disappears on an expedition, beautiful entomologist Gina Humphries and her fiery assistant, Rhonda, set out to search the rain forests of Belize. Due to numerous robberies and assaults in the jungle, they are escorted by heavily-armed soldiers. Guerillas, lead by the infamous Jaguar, ambush the convoy and incite a bloody shootout. Just when things can’t get worse, a horde of murderous Dragon Wasps, massive flying bugs that shoot flame from their abdomens, swarms the soldiers. Now the military must defeat Jaguar’s bandits and survive the fearsome insect onslaught as they venture inside the Dragon Wasps’ hive.

Needlessly complex? Yes! But why the heck not? Let’s do hope more people get Dragon Wasped than shot.

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Dragon Wasps

Sea Beast (Review)

Sea Beast

aka Troglodyte

Directed by Paul Ziller
Written by Wendy Czajkowsky & Neil Elman

When Sea Beast first showed up in the listings on SciFi Channel, no one had any idea what the movie was. Internet searches turned up nothing, had no info about the film at all, people were confused, and many wrote it off as a generic sea monster film that would just be terrible. It wasn’t until a week or two before it aired that commercials popped up and people realized Sea Beast was really a film called Troglodyte that had gotten some good buzz. What looked to be a less than stellar no-name film turned out to be a very entertaining entry into the SciFi Channel movie world. Yes, an entertaining SciFi Channel film. They do happen, people.

I was wondering why some of the sequences reminded me of Snakehead Terror, but then I realized it was because Paul Ziller directed both. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was filmed on the same spot. Snakehead Terror was pretty passable (and only looked bad when compared to Frankenfish), and Paul Ziller has also given us Beyond Loch Ness, which also gets good marks as a SciFi Channel film. I haven’t seen Yeti: Curse of the Snow Demon or Ba’al or Polar Storm, so I can’t comment on if Ziller delivers all the time.

One thing that makes Sea Beast/Troglodyte so entertaining is Corin Nemec, who is becoming a regular starrer on the SciFi Channel network. S.S. Doomtrooper, Mansquito, and Raging Sharks are all previous entries from him. When Corin Nemec is on, he’s pretty darn good, and his fishing captain character Will is pretty likable. Just don’t call him Corky!

Will (Corin Nemec) – Fishing boat captain and father looking to make a better life for his daughter. Barely scraping by, and deep sea fish monsters don’t help much! Corin Nemec is best known for starring in the Parker Lewis Can’t Lose TV series, and was seen on TarsTarkas.NET before with Raging Sharks.
Arden (Camille Sullivan) – Ecologist who helps track the origin of the new menace attacking this sleepy fishing village. Turns out to be pretty handy in sticky situations, and a love interest for Will.
Carly (Miriam McDonald) – Will’s daughter, who luckily isn’t named iCarly. Miriam McDonald is a Degrassi alumni, for those of you into terrible Canadian programming.
Danny (Daniel Wisler) – One of Will’s crew, and also dating Will’s daughter Carly. Danny keeps her safe on the island while slowly being poisoned by a hand bite. Things get even worse for Danny just when things look their brightest.
The Creature (CGI) – The Creature is never given a formal name. The closest we get are that it is related to Angler Fish aka Sea Devils, but neither of those are the titles of the film, Sea Beast or Troglodyte. As Troglodyte is a better name for a caveman movie and Sea Beast is never mentioned and too generic, we’re just going to call him the Creature. The Creature can walk on land, has babies it takes care off, has a prehensile tongue that is at least 25 feet long and strong as a bodybuilder, can camouflage itself, and can leap thirty feet into the air at a time from tree to tree.
Creature Babies (CGI) – Creature Babies, we make our dreams come true, Creature Babies, we’ll do the same for you! By eating you!

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Raging Sharks (Review)

Raging Sharks

Corin Nemec as Mike Olson
Bernard van Bilderbeek as Harvey
Corbin Bernsen as Captain Riley
Vanessa Angel as Linda Olsen
Todd Jensen as Mr. Stiles

Boy, these sharks sure are RAGIN’!!! The title does not lie, the sharks do go for a rage. Why are they raging? Red-orange alien crystals. Yes, aliens cause sharks to go bonkers. Like sharks need an excuse. Thrill to the horror of Parker Lewis himself, Corin Nemec, battling stock footage from the Discovery Channel. Shutter in horror at how low Corbin Bernsen’s career has fallen. Stand in awe at Vanessa Angel’s complete lack of emotion acting-wise. This film sure makes me rage! I’m like a shark on the prowl, I’ve sniffed blood and shall soon tear this film to pieces.

Like all decent shark movies, this one opens up in outer space as ID4 reject aliens crash an star cruiser into a space station at 3 miles per hour. I guess the aliens haven’t invented space-brakes. The explosion hurls what looks like a Bajoran Orb from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine into deep space, where it lands on Earth a few seconds later. The Orb is a good shot, and manages to land right on top of some Russian cruiser that’s in the Bermuda Triangle, being that the Bermuda Triangle is Russian’s number one port. The cruiser goes to the bottom of the ocean, with the orb aboard. Now we know why everything keeps disappearing in the Bermuda Triangle: Alien car wreck garbage keeps crashing into them. Somebody call Space-Geico! Look out for the Raging Gecko.

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