Billionaire drunk on own power, watched too many movies

[adrotate banner=”1″]With all the talk of violence in movies influencing people lately, has anyone stopped to think what else in movies influence morons? Because we’re learning first hand that the danger is bigger than we think. Especially if the moron is a crazy billionaire.

Australian billionaire Clive Palmer has declared his intention to clone dinosaurs like in Jurassic Park and set up his own dinosaur theme park located at his Palmer Resort in Coolum, Australia. Now, anyone with even a small amount of biotech knowledge knows that cloning dinosaurs is impossible, and Jurassic Park skipped and hopped around steps needed to successfully clone animals (very important steps!) in the interests of writing a dinothriller. But that doesn’t matter when you have billions of dollars to waste. Remember, according to morons, rich people are your betters!

Clive Palmer’s name might be familiar because he was recently in the news announcing he’s building Titanic II, a replica of the Titanic. Titanic II will be designed not to sink, but I think we’ve heard that before… There is no connection to the Asylum movie Titanic II, except to say that they’ve successfully predicted the future. I hope it’s the only time, because I don’t want to live in a future where the Transmorphers come…

I support any and all efforts that cause dumb rich people to waste all their money.

In non-wasting your money news, would you like to buy some Jurassic Park bugs? Well, too late, because they’ve all been sold from Erin Pearce’s Etsy store, but maybe if you jingle enough money you can get yourself a custom job!

Jurassic Park Bugs
Sam Jackson bug

You can get them to celebrate Jurassic Park 4 being fast-tracked into development! Sadly, it won’t be that awesome weaponized raptors script…

Dino Riders