Midnight Run 2

[adrotate banner=”1″]Midnight Run 2 is somehow greenlit and getting made, which is shocking because the original came out so long ago I had to look up how young I was. One thing is clear, the title sounds like it should have been a Direct-to-DVD entry around 2007 or so. But De Niro is back and producing, so at least we avoid the whole someone is the son of the character from the first film mess that happens a lot in these late sequels. David Elliot & Paul Lovett are rewriting the script, you might remember them from writing GI Joe (which was generic) and will soon remember them from Four Brothers 2. Yes, Four Brothers 2, which will be out soon as well. Also spoiler alert, Four Brothers 2 will need another fourth brother, or maybe it will just be called Three Brothers. Perhaps they can kill off a brother each film until no one is left alive.

Brett Ratner is in negotiations to direct Midnight Run 2 with his company co-producing. As this might be closer to his Rush Hour films than X-Men 3 or Tower Heist, maybe it is a good idea.

We do not know if Charles Grodin will be back, though the article says he is open to the idea. Grodin spends a lot of his time doing volunteer advocacy work now, which is awesome.

via Deadline
Midnight Run