Brother Sharp gets movie-ized as Internet Memes hit the big time

[adrotate banner=”1″]Hey, you like internet memes? LOLcats, Patrick Duffy’s head, Admiral Ackbar, Rickrolling… Well, one internet meme has hit the big time, and it’s not the one you think or even may have heard of. It is Brother Sharp, who got famous when a photo of him hit the internet. Brother Sharp is a homeless dude who dresses like a homeless dude and somehow became famous. The actual Brother Sharp – Chen Guorong – has become a minor celebrity and now he gets a movie!

Mainland billionaire Yang Meimei announced that she plans to invest RMB 70 million in a movie about the extraordinary life of ‘Brother Sharp,’ a homeless man who became an internet sensation when a snapshot of him walking down the street was passed around as an example of homeless-chic style.