Million Dollar Crocodile

[adrotate banner=”1″]Barbie Hsu is Million Dollar Crocodile! Looks like SyFy Channel is leaking again, and got some of their radioactive goo into China! And why is Million Dollar Crocodile always running? He’s like Forrest Gump during the time he was running around America for years, except he’s constantly eating while on the go. Guo Tao and Lam Suet also enjoy getting money to appear in films like this. And, yes, someone already bought the worldwide sales rights. Li Sheng Lin wrote and directed it. The plot:

Xiao Xing, a general little boy lives in little town, Mei Jia Wu, is his in grade four. He has a best friend named Amao, who is an eight-meters long crocodile. They get alone with each other, peacefully.
Many years, Amao has been living in a local crocodile farm ran by tough Bald Liu who caught Amao from Thailand. But this year, Bald Liu has to sell all the crocodiles cause the poor management. Unfortunately, the notorious tricky businessman Zhao Da Zui bought them all for developing a series crocodile meals. When the crocodiles are going to be killed by slaughters, Amao pulled apart the ropes angrily, and lead all crocodiles fighting for their lives and killed the chef and escaped.
This incident breaks the little town, Mei Jia Wu’s quiet and easy life. Xiao Xing and his father Da Wei Wang were all involved.

I like the concept of a juggernaut crocodile much better than that plot…
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Smiling Hand

The heck was this doing on Google Image Search? It's on here now, cause I can't afford a Million Dollar Crocodile. This is Dollar Menu Crocodile!

Future Cop images

[adrotate banner=”1″]Here are a bunch of images of production stuff from the upcoming Future Cop movie starring Andy Lau, Fan Bing Bing, Barbie Hsu, Xu Jiao, Da S, Mike He, Liu Yang, and Luo Jia Ying (who cross-dresses) Directed by Wong Jing. The film is not to be confused with Future Cops from 1993, despite a similar premise of cops traveling back in time to protect someone who affects the future. In this one, Andy Lau plays a policeman who time-travels from year 2080 to present day to protect a professor who solves the energy crisis.
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Future Cops or EARMUFF COPS???