Artemis Fowl is the next "Next Harry Potter" book to film series you haven't read yet

Artemis Fowl Goggles

I’m Harry Potter with goggles and fashion sense, suckers!

[adrotate banner=”1″]Though from the look of these books, I could read them all in a week. But I’m too busy playing a game. Of thrones. At the moment to read them, but I’ll have plenty of time before the first entry hits theaters. At this moment, all we know about Artemis Fowl the film is that it’s happening.

Plenty of YA books have come and gone from the theaters without making even the slightest of ripples. No star and no director means I can’t call it the new failure, but at the rate studios have been churning out YA fiction books into film to try to find the next Harry Potter (and the next Twilight), eventually something will end up making bank. Sure, Percy Jackson inched by to somehow score a sequel, but Eragon, The Golden Compass, and Alex Rider are among the dead.

Artemis Fowl is an antihero who does both bad and good things, this status can serve to give the series a different flavor from some of the other fantasy fair. Or they’ll just screw it up. Have any of you read the series? If so, do you think Hollywood can turn it into a good film, or will they be using Artemis Fowl as a tax writeoff?

Also because I’m a jerk, I hope that “foul language” is one of the MPAA warnings about Artemis Fowl.