Broken Promise betrays on Lifetime!

Broken Promise Lifetime

You can’t get more evil than a man standing around drinking a Big Gulp!

[adrotate banner=”7″]Broken Promise tells of a love story of a young couple who accidentally murder someone while doing a home invasion, the guy takes the rap and believes the girl when she says she’ll wait for him. Ha! Of course she’s married with a family of her own when he gets out and wants to rekindle things, which is inconvenient for everyone. Lifetime hijinks ensue, but since the woman isn’t as innocent as usual, maybe she’ll not get out of this unscathed? We shall see…

High school couple Mina and Reese break into a mansion for a night of rebellion, but their evening takes a dark turn when the mansion’s owner appears with a gun, and ends up accidentally killed at the hands of the teens. Twenty years later, Mina lives a perfect suburban life with her husband and teen daughter, while Reese, who took the fall for the crime, has spent the past two decades in a state penitentiary. Now he is up for parole, and upon release, goes straight to find Mina ready to make up for lost time and have the perfect family he thinks is rightfully his.

Broken Promise stars Ashley Scott, Louis Mandylor, Lauren York, Nick Baillie, Kinga Philipps, Angeline Appel, and Mickey River. It’s directed by Nadeem Soumah (6 Ways to Die) and written by Steven Palmer Peterson (Presumed Dead in Paradise)

Broken Promise premieres Sunday, July 10th on Lifetime!

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Babysitter’s Black Book (Review)

Babysitter’s Black Book

Babysitter’s Black Book
Written by Richard Kletter and Michele Samit
Directed by Lee Friedlander

Babysitter’s Black Book
Lifetime Channel’s Babysitter’s Black Book is the timeless tale young, innocent girls who go from the Babysitter’s Club to the Redlight Special Club, and then get a heaping helping of consequences and lessons learned. The girls deal with the new-found freedom and sense of thrills from getting lots of money, but having to look the wives in the eyes and hide everything from their parents and the school, while the drama bomb is about to go nuclear. The big question is which cast member will wind up either dead, or worse than dead. That answer is sort of left up to the viewer, as the fates aren’t as catastrophic as the typical Lifetime girls gone prostitute film (such as Sugar Daddies), but they still aren’t things your normal teenage girl wants to happen to them.

Ashley Gordon’s (Spencer Locke, Detention) school business project “Family Buddies” is basically a super version of the Babysitter’s Club repackaged as helper buddies/tutors for overworked parents. Her friends all earn money as employees, there is Janet Moss (Lauren York) the sporty girl, Gilli (Steffani Brass) the arty girl, and Rachel (Angeline Appel) the all-around star who the dad’s all seem to love. Hm… Yes, Rachel has taken it upon herself to expand Family Buddies’ business model, and soon ropes Janet into helping as well. Rachel and Janet are the more sexually experienced girls, while Gilli and Ashley are more reserved and have no intention of going along with their schemes (but don’t tell them to knock it off, either).
Babysitter’s Black Book
Ashley is the overachieving scholar about to become valedictorian (beating the rival girl, rich bitch Harper (Ashley Dulaney)), and worried about college admissions essays. That becomes small fries when the bombshell of her mom’s business failing and her parents raiding her college fund happens. Desperate for money (she doesn’t want to go to… GASP… COMMUNITY COLLEGE!), Ashley lets herself get seduced by the promises of dad Mark (Ryan McPartlin), who promises to help with books and tuition to his expensive alma matter, and all she has to do it let him go to pound town on her. After Mark tries to control her life and she drops him, Ashley is now in on Rachel and Janet’s sex for money business model. Gilli tries to go along with it, but ends up unable to do so and flees with her dignity.
Babysitter’s Black Book
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