A Gift of Miracles brings the presents to Hallmark Movies & Mysteries!

A Gift of Miracles Hallmark Movies and Mysteries

Hey, Mom had the secrets to find the Holy Grail hidden away in her diary!

[adrotate banner=”7″]Mysteries aren’t just figuring out who killed the person in town everyone wants dead, sometimes the greatest mystery is just life itself. Or, someone else’s life, and what they make of it. Citizen Kane became one of the greatest movies of all time based on the back of a mystery about the titular character’s life. Hallmark Movies & Mysteries brings a similar theme to play with A Gift of Miracles, as a daughter gets to know the mother she never knew by going through her belongings and returning “borrowed” items. The premise is intriguing and sounds like a fun distraction from a never-ending stream of mystery procedurals while still fitting into the concept of the channel theme. Outside the box thinking like this should be rewarded, and hopefully the movie lives up to the tiny hype I just gave it:

A pragmatic PhD candidate must let go of her logic when she finds a list of items to give
away written by the late mother she never knew. With the encouragement of her enthusiastic new mentor, she attempts to return everything on the list and begins to encounter unexplainable coincidences that lead her to understand the world’s smallest marvels have the greatest meaning.

A Gift of Miracles stars Rachel Boston (Ghosts of Girlfriends Past) as Darcy Miller, Rita Moreno (West Side Story) as Beverly, Jesse Moss (Iron Golem) as Nathan, Andrew Airlie (Look Who’s Talking Now) as Frank, and Sarah Jane Redmond (Sorority Wars) as Kathy. It is directed by Neill Fearnley (Daydream Believers: The Monkees’ Story) and written by Bart Fisher (How to Fall in Love)

A Gift of Miracles premieres Sunday, February 15, on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel! It will be a nice cooling off movie after seeing 50 Shades of Grey at the theaters and the resulting action…

via Hallmark Movies & Mysteries/Bettina Strauss