Bad Toys II – internet video coming to the big screen

[adrotate banner=”1″]Bad Toys II (embedded above) an internet videos from French animators Daniel Brunet and Nicolas Douste. It riffs on Michael Bay productions (specifically Bad Boys II, hence the title) and features a car chase recreated by toys, mixed with animation and stylized effects. The result is a pretty entertaining recreation of a Bay car chase sequence, complete with massive explosions. My main complaint is the action begins to get repetitive, though it does pick up after the chase ends but the short keeps going. And now the short has been optioned for a movie.

The problem is it has been optioned by Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions. Yeah. Also Columbia, but as Happy Madison is the problem, that’s what we’ll complain about. That’s our job. We carry a badge. A complaint badge. It isn’t shiny enough.

The plot will feature a grown man playing with his son’s toys and reclaiming his imagination as the play becomes a big action movie spectacular. Original animators Daniel Brunet and Nicolas Douste will co-produce.

Columbia’s big-screen version will center on a grown man reconnecting with his youthful imagination through his son’s toys, and his play turns into an homage to big-budget action films.

Hey, if this gets me an Action League Now movie, I’ll put up with 100 Adam Sandler toys!

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Action League Now

We must become a film! We must!!

Summer School getting a remake

[adrotate banner=”1″]All the talk of the Dumb and Dumber 2 film getting closer to being made has obscured the real story, which is Happy Madison is prepping a remake of Summer School! The Mark Harmon starring film is one of those comedies that slips through the radar and sort of made its rounds on cable, but was on Showtime more than HBO and Cinemax, so I barely saw it. But I do remember key scenes, including the two Bill and Ted prototypes (one was named Chainsaw and they loved Texas Chainsaw Massacre), Courtney Thorne-Smith from Melrose Place, the guy who was in the bathroom all summer, and Kirstie Alley showing up as another teacher. Mark Harmon is the uncaring gym teacher who is forced to teach summer school. He doesn’t care at first, but learns to care thanks to the threat of being fired, and teaches the kids. Let’s hear it for being threatened with being fired! The original film is funny, but it’s not like it is a holy grail, and many people probably aren’t even aware it exists. So there won’t be too many toes stepped on here. The real question is who will be the teacher in the remake, because that will probably make or break it. I’ll remain cautiously optimistic as to the prospects of this one.

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Summer School chainsaw

Let's have a Chainsexcellent adventure, dudes!

Adam Sandler is now the Lord of Candy Land

[adrotate banner=”1″]Remember back in the day when we were promised the Candy Land movie would be like Lord of the Rings, except everyone would probably get diabetes by the third film and be missing legs? Well, that dream is as dead as your dreams of becoming an astronaut, because now Adam Sandler will star in the Candy Land movie and co-write it with Robert Smigel. This is fallout of the collapse of the Universal/Hasbro deal, which also claimed the lives of the Clue movie among others. Stretch Armstrong jumped ship to Relativity Media, and now Sony snagged Candy Land. Will the Viewmaster movie find a place? What about the movie for Uno? Because we need an Uno movie. We need it to be like Lord of the Rings for card games…

eeyore costume

This image came up when i searched for "Adam Sandler Eating Candy", so here it is

Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill

Directed by Dennis Dugan

jack and Jill
Tonight on Unsolved Mysteries…how did this movie get made???

Oh, boy.

Do you love jokes about explosive diarrhea? Do you love seeing great actors slumming it in a film where they’re sexually obsessed with a man in drag? Do you live films that give characters quirks instead of doing any characterization at all?

jack and Jill
Fictitious depiction of a Jack and Jill audience…

Finally, I can hush the naysayers who keep saying “nay” when I try to explain that just because I’ve sold out and get free movie passes and dump trucks filled with money and drugs and keep giving all those films positive reviews, that I’m not a shill. Because there is no way in Hell that Jack and Jill will get a positive review, because the dump truck was three minutes late! And also pretend I worked a “Knights who say ‘Ni'” joke in there that was actually funny, unlike every other reference to the Knights who say “Ni” ever. Even this one.

jack and Jill
Actual depiction of a Jack and Jill audience…

Jack and Jill sucks. I can’t say going into this one I had much high hopes. But I was wishing for maybe something passable. I like some of Sandler’s older work, but I can’t think of anything lately he’s done that I’ve even bothered with. Parts of Jack and Jill seem like they’re trying to ape the older style, but the jokes just do not work. A homeless guy randomly for Thanksgiving dinner, so he can say wacky things. A kid who tapes things to himself, because that is wacky. A bird that says random phrases, because it’s wacky. A daughter who is always in a costume and has a doll that is always in an identical costume…wacky! All seem like they would be funny, but no. Luckily, there are fart jokes to fall back on! Those work…if you’re high on wacky-tabacky! Which probably means you wandered into the wrong theater when trying to check out Harold and Kumar 3.

jack and Jill
She’s totally not crazy. Now can I have my dog back unharmed, Scientologists?

Jack (Adam Sandler) – Jack is an ad executive and a jerk, who will randomly do something sort of kind just as the audience is turning against him.
Jill (Adam Sandler) – Jill is his twin sister who is only slightly annoying. But the movie reassures us over and over that she’s the most annoying thing ever, despite evidence to the contrary.
jack and Jill
Jack and Jill treats women like it does to the audience

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