The Secret of Magic Island – Infernal Brains Podcast Episode 16

Bill and Coo
The Infernal Brains return after a long absence of important business far too exciting to relate here, to bring you an extra special edition of the Infernal Brains Podcast! Join Tars and Todd of FourDK as they discuss the magical animal film The Secret of Magic Island! Then the Brains talk about the mysteriously similar film Bill and Coo! You know what they say about birds of a feather.

As usually, we got a barrel full of monkeys amount of ways to listen to the show, including our brand new YouTube Channel! Yes, decided we weren’t pale and screechy enough to continue to use their site, so we left them in the dust. After they told us to leave. I’m sure they’ll pay out the money they owe us after they forced ads to roll at the beginning of the shows… (Yeah, right!)

But new beginnings are here, so feel free to sub to our YouTube channel if you like to receive your Infernal Brains Knowledge Injections that way.

Or else…

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Films Discussed:
The Secret of Magic Island
Bill and Coo

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Secret of Magic Island
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