Cango Korkusuz Adam (Review)

Cango Korkusuz Adam

aka Django vs. Kilink aka Cango Ölüm Süvarisi / Korkusuz Adam

Written by Recep Ekicigil
Directed by Remzi Jöntürk

Scene guest directed by the director of Battlefield Earth!

Remember last month when this site and Die, Danger, Die, Die, Kill! both reviewed a long-lost Turkish Kilink film that suddenly became found? Well, it’s deja vu all over again because here’s ANOTHER double lost Killink review! Cango Korkusuz Adam. This time, Killink travels to the Old West where he’s trying to take over valuable land with a gold mine on it, and terrorizing the adjoining town. Sadly for Killink, the nephew of the man he kills to get the land shows up and is so cowboy that even a guy dressed in a skeleton costume and a cowboy hat can’t stand a chance, because he become Django! Or as he’s called in Turkish, Cango! Neither name is Rango, though, so don’t get too excited.

More lost Killink films??!!

Cango Korkusuz Adam is another flick that was unavailable, except for the fact it showed up on TV! Oddly enough, the print used looks pretty tore up and like the tape it was playing on was getting a bit long in the tooth. As it was shown without subtitles, two enterprising young dudes made some custom subtitles which are very good (except they confuse the words for niece and nephew, leading to a lot of talk about McLan’s niece Cango. And as this is a Turkish film, the only soundtrack is a stolen soundtrack.

This is the worst production of Pirates of the Penzance I’ve ever seen!

Cango Korkusuz Adam turns out to be a pretty okay old western that just happens to have Killink as a villain. It’s like an oater/comic book mashup. You could easily see this as an old 1930s western, or even an episode of Gunsmoke! Chiko is pretty much Festus and Cango is close to Matt Dillon. We even have Rozita as Miss Kitty!

Nothing says tough Western saloon like kitten posters on the wall!

Cango/Tom (Tunç Oral) – You see, he’s Cango, not Django, so send back those copyright lawyers! Tom is the nephew of a murdered landowner come to get revenge on his family’s killer. To do so he becomes a gunfighting badass mofo! And also dresses in black and doesn’t talk much. You get the good and the bad.
Chiko (Yilmaz Köksal) – Local quack pharmacist turned sheriff when he gets caught in the middle of all the turf wars going on. Becomes Cango’s ally.
Rozita (Figen Say) – Local saloon owner and dancing girl, was on the payroll of the bad guys, but her love for Chiko turns her straight. And ticks off the bad guys even more!
Killink/Death Cavalier (Oktar Durukan) – How can Killink time travel? It must be magic! It is just proof that there will always be a Killink somewhere, ready to be evil or slightly less evil. This Killink is dressed in a cowboy costume with hat and six-shooter and cape over his iconic skeleton costume.
Jack (Yavuz Karakaş) – A one-eyed lieutenant of Killink who is crazy insane and gets joy out of torturing his own men as well as the good guys.
The Dog (Himself) – Killink has a dog (a bull mastiff) and also a fondness for chopping off the hands of people who fail him, which are fed to the dog. As Killink doesn’t seem to be a ladies man in this film, this dog is the only real companionship he has.
Damn Red Ryder BB gun…

Al Capone, the Turkish years

Mark McLee is planning to open a gold mine and bring his nephew Tom in to run it. He announces this at a party with all the town’s big ballers. As soon as they leave, McLee is gunned down by Killink and his bunch of goons, but not before giving a package to his servant Cisco for Tom.

Tom shows up the next day, with black hat and his own gun, and sees his dead uncle and hanging from a post, so he just rides off and leaves him there. Tom don’t dig.

In town, Pharmacist Chiko is selling his bottles of snake oil to cure what ails everyone. But it can’t cure the town’s sorrow when they realize McLee is dead. They get even sadder when Cisco is gunned down in the street by Killink’s crazy lieutenant Jack, but not before hiding the package for Tom in Chiko’s wagon.

Kissing Practice: The Movie
The first cameras were a little too powerful…

Tom saves Chiko later when Killink’s gang attacks, then goes to town and acts like a jerk in the saloon. The saloon is partially run by a dancing girl named Rozita, and other women are there including a blonde girl named Suzie who takes a shine to Tom. Tom starts going by the name Cango, because, why the heck not? Pharmacist Chiko starts playing poker, but he loses big and loses the package meant for Tom a guy named farmer Frank.

Killink punishes one of his men for failure, chopping off his hand and feeding it to his dog.

Chiko accidentally kills a wanted man while playing with a throwing knife and suddenly becomes a big hero, then the film pads its running time with a dance number from Rozita, until someone gets grabby. Killink’s goons come in spoiling for a fight, and we get a long fistfight like in serials, but lots of comedic elements thrown in to keep us from getting too excited.

What is Joey from Friends doing in this Turkish cowboy film?
The fate of the Turkish Three Stooges…

We get some disjointed scenes where characters ride horses for long distances to have single sentence conversations. Thanks to the blurry print and dark scenes, it’s hard to tell who is who during these parts. Cango manages to get Farmer Frank killed by Killink’s goons as he tries to get the package from him. Soon the Sheriff is murdered as well, and Chiko is drafted as the new sheriff thanks to the think he’s having a thing with Rozita.

Blonde bargirl Suzie knows who Killink is, but she’s murdered as well. For some dumb reason Chiko thinks Cango did it, but he’s wrong as always and Cango makes him look dumb when he confronts him, but puts himself in jail (briefly) until it’s obvious he ain’t guilty

Okay, Black Bart, now you get yours…
Somewhere over the Turkish rainbow…
Set phasers for phallic symbol!

Killink’s gang brings in the Farron Brothers, four guys who were hired to cause trouble with the sheriff, but Cango diffuses the situation but shooting all their guns and making it look like Chiko did it. Chiko gets emboldened enough to arrest One-eyed Jack’s brother, who vows vengeance. Jack kidnaps Chiko and Rozita and wants to trade them for his brother’s freedom, but Cango kills Jack’s brother instead, which means instead he’ll just have to kill all the bad guys. But that doesn’t work, he only kills a few people before being captured (though Shariff Chiko escapes.) Cango is tortured and beaten while Sheriff rescues Rozita.

Death Cavalier is Loga! Whoever the frak that is! Also, SPOILERS!

Jack puts Cango in some ridiculous trap involving a wall of spikes lowered by a dripping sandbag, it’s so dumb Chiko easily saves him without being forced to do some unfunny mugging!

Cango, Chiko, and Rozita proceed to lay waste to everything that moves, so much lead is shot that the groundwater will be contaminated for a billion years. Killink has like a bajillion goons, so many escape, Rozita is captured, and Chiko is shot in the arm.

This dog is keenly aware it isn’t bacon!
What’s the point of a wanted poster in Turkey when everyone has giant mustaches?

Rozita tied to a pole while dynamite set all over to make a huge avalanche fall onto her. But they drag their butts exploding the sticks, giving Cango and Chiko gun everyone down and then blow up Jake and then shoot him a hundred times. Jake probably gained 5000 pounds of lead.

Cango then forces Killink to pick up a gun, kills him, then buries him under rocks. A heroic way to murder someone!

Now it is time for Cango to ride off into the sunset, and he tells Rozita to be happy where she is as the girl of the goofy sheriff who will probably be murdered a few minutes after Cango leaves town.

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Land of the Giants!
Killink shows off his iPhoneKnife, new from Apple
The Darth Vader quote catalogue

Rated 7/10 (goon, goon, girl, wanted, not wanted anymore, goon, Rozita tied to post!)

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When good bromances go bad!
We couldn’t afford train tracks to tie her to, but we can afford lots of barren rocks and explosives!

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