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Diamond Select got the American rights for the Battle Beasts name a few years ago, and released a few repaints of a single alligator Minimate figure at a few cons (see our article about the version we have), but beyond that the news was mostly dark. Until this past week, when suddenly a countdown and a new announcement rumbled to life on the official site!

And now we got another different figure, promises of many more, and a comic book announcement

Ancient words are spoken. A deadly weapon is activated. And from across the galaxy comes a race of beings who are at once familiar and unlike anything the Earth has seen. Why have they come to Earth? What do they seek? Why do they fight? The answers lie in the hands of one of the only people on Earth who understands them, a low-level government linguist named Bliss, and if she doesn’t survive this onslaught, all hope may be lost.

Battle Beasts Diamond Select
Three characters:
Species: Ram
Raised in the way of all Battle Beasts, Vorin was taught combat from a young age. But after a lifetime of violence, he seeks out a different way for his people, and will battle to make his vision of the future a reality. On his journey, he has found allies who share his vision, and they, too, are no strangers to the ways of the sword, knife and axe.

Species: Walrus
Although sometimes jovial and frequently hungry, Gruntos is a fiercely loyal warrior, and will defend his comrades as vigorously as he defends his plate.

Species: Falcon
A natural predator, Merk clashed with Vorin many times before they became allies. But Merk studies his friends as closely as he does his enemies.

The characters look more like warrior animals than the classic Battle Beasts.

A clear red version of Vorin will be released at C2E2 2012. Sadly, the fact it is clear red makes it hard to see the figure, though the Facebook page did release a picture of the figure out of the bag, unlike the official site.
Battle Beasts Vorin
Battle Beasts Vorin

Here is the preview of the comic:

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