The Eight Rangers

Kanjani8 is a boy band that has fun with their whole persona, putting on a huge stage show called Kanjani Sentai Eight Ranger, where they essentially do a musical Power Rangers (Super Sentai) tribute/parody. These shows have been going on for years, and have become popular enough that they’re being turned into a film called The Eight Rangers. Kanjani8 will star in the flick as they battle against the evil terrorist organization Dark Crusade. There is a whole lineup of supporting stars: Model/actress Becky will play a female detective, Hiroshi Tachi will play legendary hero Captain Silver, Renji Ishibashi as chairman of the Hero Association, Misako Renbutsu, Naota Takenaka, Ryosei Tayama, Ryuhei Ueshima, and Noriyuki Higashiyama as the leader of Dark Crusade.

Yukihiko Tsutsumi will direct, and July 28, 2012 will be the drop date for theaters!

via NipponCinema

Eight Rangers

Eight Rangers...or Infinity Rangers???

Becky the Eight Rangers

Last names are for losers!

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