Wingnut Web – I Have a Dream Edition

[adrotate banner=”1″] continues to be crazy as a crazy house crazy. That’s pretty crazy. Besides their hobbies of patriotically resisting Obama by openly calling for armed rebellion (which they won’t do themselves because they are too lazy) they also obsess over race. You hear all the standard dumb crap, like how Martin Luther King was a Republican (because he died just as the party switched to crazy mode and absorbed the racist Dixiecrats) or that black people only voted for Obama because he was black (yet failing to explain Alan Keyes poor showing over the years, or Jesse Jackson, or many others). I have a dream that one day will self-implode from all the crazy. And that dream is looking more and more likely every day!

micheal jensen knows MLK would be enraged, ENRAGED, that a black man is president

white woumb, White Woumb!

White Woumb, WHITE WOUMB!!!

See, black people should totally hate Obama!
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Bruce Sims was sick that day in Bible Study when they learned about Joseph being sold into slavery

Anthony is sick of this race crap, unlike above when he was dishing out the fractions of races that Obama was

You see, black people are curse, it is in the Bible. Also, whites are enlarged, just let me unzip my pants here…

Paul is a special kind of crazy. The kind posting from inside a room with padded walls…

Any child knows this, Paul Smith

Gary is the man with the plan

This post stinks like Pepe LePew…

Claudia L Johnson takes a break from posting on the TarsTarkas.NET forums to post more at

No more Harry Turtledove novels for Radical Rabbi

Washington is going to secede! What is secede?

Silly Radical Rabbi, Trix are for kids!

Old, rich, white Rush Limbaugh is a perfect example of how the Republicans are not old, rich, white guys!

That’s enough for now, but we got dozens and dozens of other crazy posts to bring you soon as soon can be! They only get nuttier from here, folks!

4 thoughts on “Wingnut Web – I Have a Dream Edition

  1. Seems a lot of the Democrats I know were just recently talking about armed resistance as of 2007.Maybe all of you political nut jobs should get a life and leave the rest of us out of you political games.We the people are not your PAWNS….

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