How TarsTarkas.NET became famous on the internet

[adrotate banner=”1″]TarsTarkas.NET has recently become a powerful investigative journalistic force, a role that took me by surprise because I was just posting stuff. It turns out the stuff has major political consequences for a certain crazy lady running for Congress in Illinois! We wrote long ago in a previous Wingnut Web about how Rosanna Pulido, Republican candidate for Congress in Illinois’s 5th district, posts on the website as “chicagolady” and has said many things that could be thought of as bigoted and hatefilled. This race is largely ignored because she is going to get her clocked cleaned, but I found it interesting that a big party candidate was freely posting racist crap on the internet and no one cared. At all. Sure, her own party was ignoring her, but here is a chance to further humiliate them anyway. The pundits and the media ignored it all.

On the internet, there was small mention of it. First it showed up here. Then a blog showed up archiving even more of Ms. Pulido’s ramblings: Rosanna Pulido is a Freeper. Still, nothing. Finally, a local Chicago paper stumbled across the story after being emailed, and soon got to the bottom of it. Which involved speaking to us! And thus, TarsTarkas.NET was quoted by ChitownDailyNews in the Media Watchdog column written by “Lou Grant”
This lead to a thread on ( ) where they quote the ChitownDailyNews article, and the quoted part includes TarsTarkas.NET, thus TarsTarkas.NET is now in Freep-land! Then the fun begins as the FreeRepublic posters begin to insult everyone, including TarsTarkas.NET!


So here comes the fun!

pissant is all about namecalling

La Lydia seems to not understand how public funding works (Soros is not the only person with money)

denydenydeny doesn’t know there is a difference between being an active participant in hate like chicagolady vs. being on a board with some guy who did bad things when you were in shortpants.

wac3rd is an amateur poet and amateur racist

Cletus D. Yokel is all about the lawyers

GOPJ’s houseguest story causes the next 15 posts or wo to argue about what is the best example

chicagolady then makes an appearance to try to smooth things over, claiming she was only posting bad things in 2003! Of course, any cursory glance at Rosanna Pulido is a Freeper will find all sorts of naughty posts written after 2003. The girl can’t tell the truth!
Here is a 2004 post where she calls Obama “Osama” How about a 2008 entry calling Mexicans the new KKK?
She has been posting regularly despite running for election. And she’ll still post there after she loses. Ain’t life sweet?
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