Yes, G.

That’s the new movie by special effects man. He did effects work on some recent films, and then raised some money of his own and made his own movie! Now that means the acting won’t be the best, but the special effects will rock and roll! We’ve got a big damn monster:g
And a giant robot:
And lots of things blowing the crap up!

Clips are available on the Undead Backbrain website

An update on this film will be on the SciFi Japan website…eventually. Will the effects guy be Kiyotaka Taguchi, who worked on Godzilla films and is rumored to be on another project? We shall see…

Thanks to Avery for yet another scoop!

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  1. The film really does have a lot of kaiju fans excited. It looks like fun. The robot looks a bit silly, but the monster looks great. We can’t wait to find out more on it!! THANKS!!

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