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I’ve updated the Links Section of TarsTarkas.NET, thus adding a few of the sites I read. Eventually, everyone will get their own entry where I go over them, but this will just be a shorter summary:

The Vault of Buncheness — Funny blog from Bunche, who is a former comic writer and downright hilarious guy out of New York.

The Darksider’s Realm — Great movie reviews from The Darksider!

Hong Kong Cinema – The View From the Brooklyn Bridge — One of the best Hong Kong and Asian movie resources on the net. Updates also on his blog at Asian Cinema – While on the Road

The Search for Weng Weng — Blog of a documentary maker and his quest to find out all there is to know about the Filipino actor Weng Weng. His movie will be out soon. Lots of interesting information!

Shadow’s B-Movie Graveyard – Excellent long, well thought out reviews of B movies by Shadow. His reviews have a lot of work going into them and are worth the time to go over.

Video48 — Collection of Pinoy movie posters and ads from days gone by, take a look and see all sorts of wonderful films you will probably never be able to watch.

Zhorkow’s CargoShip — In the CargoShip, you will find quite a variety of content including games, downloads, news, jokes, Cybiko files, free webmaster goodies, hot DVDs, and more. Run by Menard, who also runs the z54 Motley Web, which is based in Kentucky.

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