Albino Madness

[adrotate banner=”1″]My quest to create a massive increase of albino animals continues! Why albinos? Why not! They are weird, which is all that matters. I’ve made a large batch of albinos recently of all species, and have set them all loose, except for a white black jaguar, and my white venus flytrap. I’ve been doing this for years, but the latest push is the most diverse and largest yet! There will be no stopping the bleaching of wildlife, until I start to created melanistic animals instead! The black and white will combine to grey, which will allow me to rule the world! It’s true. Grey animals=ruling the world.

Killer Whale inserted around Alaska:
White Killer Whale

White Stag in Scotland:
White Stag

A ghostly, mutant ratfish caught off Whidbey Island in Washington state
white ratfish

White Tawny Frogmouth
White Frogmouth

Rare White Giraffe Photographed
White Giraffe

White camel
White Camel

Two-headed albino snake:
two-headed albino snake

More, more, MORE!!! Albino animals, coming to nature near you!

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