Bananas are dirty cloners

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Bananas are all the same. Pretty much, because they are almost all made by cuttings of the original plants, basically making them all clones. That also makes them genetically similar, which is bad when diseases hit. And two diseases are hitting, effectively killing off the entire banana supply. There will soon be no bananas, no bananas today. Why is that? Because Panama disease and black Sigatoka are ripping the crap out of bananas, and bananas can’t fight back because they are a bunch of cloned wusses. That’s pretty pathetic, bananas! The loss of bananas means creepy guys will never have a chance to watch girls eat bananas and get turned on. Actually, that’s probably a good thing. But it also means monkeys will riot. Ever wonder why the Apes took over the world on Planet of the Apes? It was a banana shortage! Bananas are important because they stave off nuclear destruction by the hand of evil apes. Why no one listens to me I’ll never understand. Now I have to waste time I could be devoting to making rocket-powered dinosaurs to genetically engineer some bananas that aren’t wimps. That’s right, I have to save the world from eventual Ape takeover so I can be free to destroy it myself by my own means. Jerks.

You think this is isolated? Soon we will have cloned cows, cloned animals, cloned plants. All these clones in mass production, just waiting for someone to come along and release a super-virus that can destroy them all….MuHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

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