Godziban Episode 13 – 英語版 「 Smack it! Three Godzilla Brothers」Go!Go!ゴジラくん#2【ゴジばん】(Review)

March of Godzilla 2019

Godziban Episode 13 – 英語版 「 Smack it! Three Godzilla Brothers」Go!Go!ゴジラくん#2【ゴジばん】

aka ゴジばん
Godziban ゴジばん
November 1, 2019
Written and directed by Hideyuki Kobayashi
Godziban ばん
Go! Go! Godzilla-kun
English Godziban? It’s true! This is the rock hitting episode except dubbed into English. The English voices are very similar to the Japanese voices but it is fun hearing it in English. It also means I don’t have to write too much of a summary as I already did last time, I’ll only point out corrections! Unfortunately that means things are going to be a bit light this installment, but never fear, the future is bright! I still don’t know why one English translation of this title says “Smack It” while a different one uses “SHUT UP!” for some reason, which doesn’t even make sense in context so it’s probably just complete Google translate wrong.

One of the funnest things is Godzilla-kun saying “Disaster!” when Minya fails to hit the rock. Baby Mothra’s name seems to be Moshi Mothra.
Godziban ばん
Hedochi asks Hedoji if he knows where they roam. Hedoji says when they arrive they will gain understanding to why they headed there in the first place. Hedochi says “Okie Hedochi!” That’s all you can say to wise words that seem less wise the more you think about it…
Godziban ばん

Rated 9/10

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Godziban ばん

Godziban ばん

Godziban ばん

Godziban ばん

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