March of Godzilla 2019

March of Godzilla 2019
It’s time for March of Godzilla 2019! As usual, we are bringing out theme month late and it will probably run longer than a month, but if there is one thing TarsTarkas.NET is known for, it’s for randomly starting and updating things at no regular schedule. Thanks to the power of busy work, being sick, and a major construction project eating up my spare time, we will get one Godzilla flick, then a few other updates, and finally the rest of the bunch! And hopefully there will be a bunch this time, not just Godzilla flicks but other media!

Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Recommended! Godzilland – Learning Hiragana (すすめ!ゴジランド~ひらがな)
Recommended! Godzilland – Learning How To Count (すすめ!ゴジランド~かず1・2・3)
Recommended! Godzilland – Learning Addition (すすめ!ゴジランド-ゴジラとあそぼう たしざん)
Recommended! Godzilland – Learning Subtraction (すすめ!ゴジランド ゴジラとあそぼう ひきざん)

Scooby-Doo And The Ghoul School

Godziban GEMSTONE Pilot – ゴジばん【GEMSTONE】
Godziban Episode 01 – “We Godzilla Three Brothers! ” Go! Go! Godzilla-kun # 1
Godziban Episode 02 – 「さよならの恋人たちの巻」かまってゴジラ#1【ゴジばん】
Godziban Episode 03 -「かっとばせ!ゴジラ三兄弟の巻」Go!Go!ゴジラくん#2【ゴジばん】
Godziban Episode 04 – “The Sad Ballerina” Kamatte Godzilla # 2
Godziban Episode 05 – KAIJU PUPPET SHOW 「Secret Training on the Pointed Mountain」 Go! Go! Godzilla # 3【Goji Ban】
Godziban Episode 06 – “Secret recipe! roll of drop kick” Go! Go! Godzilla-kun #4/ Kamatte-Godzilla # 3
Godziban Episode 07 – “Run! Three Brothers’ Chapter” Go! Go! Godzilla-kun # 5
Godziban Episode 08 – Go! Go! Godzilla: Episode 6/ Kamatte Godzilla # 4/”Ask Jetjaguar!” # 1
Godziban Episode 09 -「モシュモシュ以心伝心の巻」もしモス#1/「ジェットジャガーに訊け!」#2【ゴジばん】
Godziban Episode 10 – ヘドじい漫遊記#1【ゴジばん】
Godziban Episode 11 – 「ジェットジャガーに訊け!」(Ask Jet Jaguar!) #1#2#3(English ver.)【ゴジばん】
Godziban Episode 12 – 「あの崖に向かって飛べ!の巻」 Go!Go!ゴジラくん#7【ゴジばん】
Godziban Episode 13 – 英語版 「 Smack it! Three Godzilla Brothers」Go!Go!ゴジラくん#2【ゴジばん】
Godziban Episode 14 – 『ゴジラ・フェス2019』ゴジばん生上演ダイジェストムービー【ゴジばん】
Godziban Episode 15 – 「赤い風船」ジェットジャガーに訊け!#4【ゴジばん】
Godziban Episode 16 – 「頑固おやじの一番長い日」かまってゴジラ#5【ゴジばん】
Godziban Episode 17 – 「ミニラの息子」Go!Go!ゴジラくん#8 【ゴジばん】

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    • Thanks! I got three reviews in addition to the RiffTrax to post before the rest of the Godzilla stuff starts trickling in (all from a film festival I was at like a month ago), but the Godzilla things will be of a variety of media and I don’t have a set end point yet so it hopefully will be a lot of random stuff!

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