Recommended! Godzilland – Learning Subtraction (Review)

March of Godzilla 2019

Recommended! Godzilland – Learning Subtraction

aka すすめ!ゴジランド aka ゴジラと遊ぼう aka Let’s Play With Godzilla
 Recommended! Godzilland – Learning Subtraction
 Recommended! Godzilland – Learning Subtraction
Well, if you gotta learn addition, I guess you gotta learn subtraction. Multiplication and division, sorry you are out of luck! But never give up hope that some random thing will pop up from who knows where! Unproduced scripts, story boards, a new generation of Godzilland merchandise with altered character designs but a budget for more topics. The future is full of endless possibilities, the only subtraction is your limited life span.

This is an episode from the second batch of edutainment Godzilland shorts, thus it has the expanded cast and live action wraparounds with Godzilla and the Big Sister lady. Please make sure you check out the full character breakdown and the other Godzilland episodes in this series.

Now don’t be frakken, watch some Gakken! Sing Godzilland theme song!

Live-action human sized Godzilla has made some cakes, but there isn’t enough strawberries for the amount of cakes. 6 cakes minus 4 strawberries equals two cakes left over with no strawberry adornments. This knowledge impresses the lady, who realizes he learned this on Godzilland and also brings up his girlfriend back then, Gojirin, which is embarrassing for Godzilla. Lady demands more knowledge about Gojirin, so Godzilla shares that she loves fruit.

We cut live to an animated flashback of Godzilland, where cartoon Godzilla is bringing an armload of oranges to share with Gojirin. Gojirin is watering her plants and assumes all the oranges are for her and is so happy, scarfing them all down. Godzilla is a bit shocked that he doesn’t get any oranges, but he’s seriously been a jerk this whole series to its good he’s now forced to be nice even if it is against his will.
 Recommended! Godzilland – Learning Subtraction

How Many Are Left?
Later Godzilla has more oranges for Gojirin, but wants to save some for himself. He can’t figure out how to subtract 4 from 5, luckily Ms. Mothra pops by to give him a lesson on subtraction. In the end, Godzilla decides to give her two and keep three, somehow this is acceptable. If she doesn’t find out, you better hope not, Godzilla!

Formula and Calculation of Subtraction
Godzilla is in awe that Gojirin knows subtraction and she also explains how it works like Ms. Mothra does, except now with more diagrams and minus signs. Ms. Mothra helps, and instead of Rodan turning into the plus sign, a Mothra Larva turns into the minus sign. Synergy, baby!

Godzilla’s greed introduces us to the concept of greed, and Gojirin insults him, until he walks it back and she takes all the oranges after he offers her to take as many she wants. Godzilla getting constantly owned is the best part of this series, especially now that it is framed as a nostalgic flashback, Godzilla is literally telling us about how much of a jerk he used to be and how often he was owned, a sort of metacommentary for children to be better people before they are forced to tell their own embarrassing stories for the rest of their lives. Also subtraction.

A brief song happens followed by some interstitial slides. None of it is important.

It’s Gojirin’s birthday party, and Anguirus is running late with a basket. Gojirin blows out the candles on her cake with Godzilla, Baragon, Ms. Mothra, and Rodan attending, and Anguirus finally arriving right afterwards. He has a big basket of apples, which enrages Godzilla and Baragon, forcing them to run off and gather some better gifts. Maybe do it right the first time and yo uwon’t have a problem, boys! Godzilla returns with 7 apples.

What’s the Difference?
The next segment is full of testosterone fueled competition as Godzilla has 7 apples while Anguirus has 5. Baragon then pops up with 9 apples, putting Godzilla’s 7 apples to shame. At this point Gojirin has way to many apples to eat by herself and everyone laughs.

How Much Has It Increased?
Gojirin waters her two flowerpots before bed, but at night Godzilla puts 3 more flower pots on her windowsill. She uses subtraction to find out how many more their are. Godzilla increases the creepiness the next night, adding 5 more flowerpots inside her bedroom! And it turns out he was ganking the flowers that were in the new flowerpots from her flower garden! Gojirin chaces Godzilla with rage. Wow, creepy and a jerk, Godzilla needs a Godzilland episode on manners!

The Time For Subtraction!
It’s “The Time For Subtraction” Song! And yes it is a song about subtraction, featuring lemons, cookies, and chairs, the objects you traditionally think of when you think of subtraction. Subtraction!

Big Sister asks live-action Godzilla what happened after that to Gojirin, and Godzilla says nothing really happened.

“Listen, lady… I’m a monster!”

Wow, Godzilla just out and out said it! Godzilla claims he defeated all his love rivals and is still close to Gojirin, but quickly changes the subject to eating cakes. Hmmmmm…. Big Sister DEMANDS more Gojirin stories, which causes Godzilla to fall out of his chair with embarrassment.
 Recommended! Godzilland – Learning Subtraction
Back to cartoonland, Gojirin is at the dock when Mechagodzilla flies by and demands to hang out. Gojirin says he can be rough, and he blasts his eye lasers in rage to prove otherwise. He tries to drag her to a boat ride and she screams. Wait a second, is Mechagodzilla taking her on a boat ride….because of the implication?????????? What kind of weird show is this?

Rodan hears her cries of terror and gets Godzilla and Anguirus to help in the rescue (Godzilla and Anguirus riding around on a giant log in the lake for fun, as you do when you are a kaiju toddler!) Thank goodness there isn’t 10 minutes of padding before they go rescue Gojirin.

Mechagodzilla refuses to let Gojirin go….until they do his Subtraction Game! Dun dun dun! I can’t believe this has the same plot twist as the Addition episode! Oh, wait, yes I can. Mysteriously some of the animation is resused except the big screen has different math problems written on it! And Gojirin doesn’t get a question this time.

Subtraction Quiz Show time. 5 questions, can the heroes use the power of subtraction to do subtraction? No Whammies!
Godzilla gets 10-9
Anguirus gets 10-6
Godzilla gets 6-3
Anguirus gets 9-7
Godzilla gets 5-5, as we all know he learned what zero is this episode so it isn’t a mystery like the last episode.

Mechagodzilla is defeated, Godzilla gets a grateful hug, and Anguirus annoyedly reminds that he also helped. No one does a fatality move on Mechagodzilla so he will still be around to cause trouble.

We Love Subtraction!
Let’s memorize subtration! Cartoons and live action sing as one as everyone learns subtraction via the exact same song that ended the addition episode, except with subtraction lyrics instead of addition lyrics. They even reuse the same kaiju graphics for the verses, with King Ghidorah and Gigan flying around separately and then crashing, and a Mothra Larva and Moguera crawling and digging separately before Moguera digs under the Mothra. Subtraction is easy, we love subtraction. Subtraction!!!

Mechagodzilla flies away crying, and runs into Ms. Mothra, who tells him (again) that he did something wrong and (again) that he should apologize. One thinks one of these Mechagodzilla villainy things should have been Gigan instead, but he wasn’t in the Heisei series so he’s just a background guy for these episodes. Mechagodzilla apologizes and claims he won’t shoot his lasers again. Hooray for everyone, playing together is fun! It’s time to play! Jump rope, soccer, golf (I think?), sitting on a tree stump, things friends do with each other in the spirit of friendship and subtraction! It’s Godzilland, suckers!

Back to live-action, it’s now post-cake devouring, but it’s now time for senbei! But first Big Sister quizzes Godzilla on subtraction. He gets it right so gets two senbei while she gets much more, lol you got played, Godzilla! Still getting owned years later, that’s our Godzilla!

Unfortunately this series has come to a close. But that doesn’t mean the current March of Godzilla 2019 is done, there will be more and some of it will be just as weird as Godzilland! Until then, be good to others, and subtract the non-good!
 Recommended! Godzilland – Learning Subtraction

Rated 7/10

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 Recommended! Godzilland – Learning Subtraction

 Recommended! Godzilland – Learning Subtraction

 Recommended! Godzilland – Learning Subtraction

 Recommended! Godzilland – Learning Subtraction

 Recommended! Godzilland – Learning Subtraction

 Recommended! Godzilland – Learning Subtraction

 Recommended! Godzilland – Learning Subtraction

 Recommended! Godzilland – Learning Subtraction

 Recommended! Godzilland – Learning Subtraction

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