Godziban Episode 10 – ヘドじい漫遊記#1【ゴジばん】(Review)

March of Godzilla 2019

Godziban Episode 10 – ヘドじい漫遊記#1【ゴジばん】

aka ゴジばん
Godziban ゴジばん
October 11, 2019
Written and directed by Hideyuki Kobayashi
Hedoji Godziban
If you love Hedoji and also love Hedoji and Hedochi, then you will love a bunch of Hedoji shorts put together! It’s all Hedoji all the time, this time! Okay, only this time. Until they do it again. Maybe! Now there is even real world shots of the countryside so they are no longer wandering in desolate wastelands. We all know that Hedoji follows basically the same formate. Wise old sage Hedoji and his grandson Hedochi are wandering the endless wastes of what may or may not be modern Earth. Hedochi stops to ask Hedoji a philosophical question or even a question about the episode of Godziban that just aired. Hedoji then responds with an grand pronouncement. Hedochi then responds with a zinger, which is usually him saying “Okie-Hedochi!” or something similar. The consistency is the key to the humor.
Hedoji Godziban
After a few of the usual jokes, Hedochi falls over instead of joking in one episode, where Hedoji then keeps talking and eventually Hedochi gets back up and says a delayed joke. Eventually Hedojii talks about lots of monsters in his speech, and Hedochi seems excited and we hear monster sounds in what seems to be flashback remembering. This is where the lack of subtitles hits bigger than usually, as it becomes too difficult to figure out the context and I don’t know if we are hearing what happened that made the world a desolate wasteland that the Hedorahs are wandering or if it is just some other unrelated monster stuff. Some of the topics were suggested by fans in the comments of prior videos.

Finally Godzilla-kun pops up to complain that he wasn’t in this episode! Poor Godzilla-kun, maybe next week, buddy!
Hedoji Godziban

Rated 7/10

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Hedoji Godziban


Godzilla-kun Godziban

Hedoji Godziban

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