Time to enroll in the Bikini Model Academy!

Bikini Model Academy is an upcoming film from New Films International, and looks tailor-made for people who grew up watching ridiculous beach/bikini movies on late night cable. Bikini Model Academy stars Gary Busey, because when you think bikinis, you think Gary Busey! Okay, the weird uncle character has a long and storied history in films where people start bikini-related businesses.

Bikini Model Academy also stars Morgan Fairchild, who is no stranger to showing up in films of dubious quality and being awesome in them. Further cast members include: Benjamin Stone, Phillip Andre Botello, Michelle May, Olivia Alexander, Andriana Manfredi, Meg Barrick, Tara Rice, Clark Gilmer, Emily Bedford, Sina J. Henrie, and Jayda Berkmen.

When T. J. and Benji, two California twenty-something, best buddies, lose their girlfriends, they start a home grown Bikini modeling academy, to make money and meet new girls, in this wacky comedy from New Films Cinema. With a little help from T.J.’s Uncle Seymour, (Gary Busey) the guys begin recruiting pretty girls, until their old grade school enemy, Grub Snout, who owns his own modeling school, tries to shut them down. International Celebrity, Morgan Fairchild, plays the Celebrity Guest Judge, at a hot and funny Bikini Pose-Off competition between the two schools. May the hottest team win!

Writer/director Straw Weisman not only wrote Red Scorpion 2, but he did uncredited work on Cyborg 3: The Recycler. You all knew there was three Cyborg movies, right? Well, you’re wrong, because they’re is FOUR Cyborg films, though Cyborg Nemesis has no official release, IIRC. Weisman has also helmed American Beach House for New Films International, which also looks like a retro throwback 80s/90s beach sex movie.

Now I haven’t seen these films enough to know if they are like the bikini scheme movies of old and are dripping with nudity, or if they are more PG-13. But it does look like there is far more plot than your typical recent softcore film. We shall see what we see when we see it.

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Bikini Model Academy

I like bikinis!

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