March of Godzilla 2014

Godzilla dance

Put on your dancing pants because it’s time for March of Godzilla 2014! The first March of Godzilla in a while actually sort of started in March, though like usually we’ll be running far over and they’ll be plenty of Godzilla fun, from movies to television to other! The current plan is to run right into the brand new 2014 Godzilla getting released in theaters, and incorporating that right in. So stay tuned to TarsTarkas.NET for all the exciting March of Godzilla 2014 updates!

March of Godzilla 2014
Getty lets you embed images now, so here are all the Godzilla ones!
Zone Fighter Episode 07 – Zoonfamirii Kikiippatsu! aka Zone Family’s Critical Moment!
Zone Fighter Episode 08 – Taose! Kyoufu-no Inbeedaa aka 倒せ! 恐怖のインベーダー aka Smash the Terrifying Invader! aka Defeat the Invader of Fear!
Zone Fighter Episode 14 – Takerikuruuzo! Garoga Shounen Kougekitai aka 猛り狂うぞ! ガロガ少年攻撃隊 aka Insane With Anger! The Garoga Boy’s Squad aka Rampage! The Garoga Boys Attack Force
Zone Fighter Episode 16 – Kyoufu-no Shuugeki! Garoga Robotto aka 恐怖の襲撃! ガロガロボット aka Counterstrike of Terror! Garoga-Robot! aka Terrifying Attack! The Garoga Robot
Zone Fighter Episode 17 – GO! Faitaa Kinkyuuhasshin aka GO! ファイター緊急発進 aka Go! Fighter Emergency Take off! aka Go! Fighter, Scramble
Zone Fighter Episode 18 – Shirei “Nihon Rettou Bakuhase-yo” aka 指令『日本列島爆破せよ』 aka Directive: Destroy the Japanese Laboratory! aka Command: “Destroy the Japanese Islands”
Zone Fighter Episode 19 – Meirei “K Suisei-de Chikyuu-wo Kowase” aka 命令『Kスイ星で地球をこわせ』 aka Order: Crush the Earth With Comet K! aka Order: “Destroy the Earth with Comet K”
Zone Fighter Episode 20 – Gekitou! Faitaa-no Uta-ga Kikoeru aka 激闘! ファイターの歌が聞える aka Desperate Struggle! Can You Hear Fighter’s Song? aka Fierce Fight! Can You Hear Fighter’s Song?
Zone Fighter Episode 21 – Muteki! Gojira Ooabare aka 無敵! ゴジラ大暴れ aka Invincible! Godzilla’s Violent Charge! aka Invincible! Godzilla Rages

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