Jakkalan = This Girl is Bad-Ass

Jeeja Yanin’s new film Jakkalan has been given the international title This Girl is Bad-Ass, showing they know the soul reason this thing’s gonna get exported overseas. But Jeeja is only a small part of the film, which is largely a comedy focusing on other characters. From the sound of it, the film is trying to be everything and ends up being nothing. Which is sort of sad. Will we still see it? Yes. Will we be disappointed? Probably. Will we learn our lesson? Nope. The name change also keeps us from making lots of jokes like “Jakkalan? Isn’t that what comes with the noodles at King of Thai?” and that’s probably best for everyone.

Wise Kwai has a review up that goes over what appears to be wrong with the film (a lot) and highlights most of Jeeja’s action scenes.

Jeeja Yanin This Girl is Bad-Ass
And here is bonus promo art for Tom-Yum-Goong 2 and Chocolate 2.

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