Tomie Unlimited trailer up

Here is a trailer for Tomie Unlimited, the newest of the Tomie films, this one from director Noboru Iguchi. As NipponCinema sez:
Former gravure idol Miu Nakamura plays Tomie, a seductive schoolgirl who causes men to fall in love with her and go completely insane with jealousy and possessiveness. She has been killed and dismembered several times in the past, but always regenerates from remaining body parts to begin the process all over again.

Moe Arai co-stars as a girl named Tsukiko whose sister has seemingly returned from the dead. The new footage also shows a little bit of AKB48 member Aika Oota. Other listed cast members include Kensuke Owada, Koichi Obori, and Maiko Kawakami.

There is like a bajillion of these Tomie films, including:
Tommy Boy (1995)
Tomie (1999)
Tomie: Another Face (1999)
Tomie: replay (2000)
Tomie: Re-birth (2001)
Tomie: The Final Chapter -Forbidden Fruit- (2002)
Tomie: Beginning (2005)
Tomie: Revenge (2005)
Tomie vs Tomie (2007)

What I want to see is Tomie fight Eko Eko Azarak.

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