Godzilla vs. Monster Zero (Review)

Godzilla vs. Monster Zero

aka Monster Zero aka Kaiju daisenso


Nick Adams as Astronaut Glenn
Akira Takarada as Astronaut K. Fuji
Jun Tazaki as Dr. Sakurai
Akira Kubo as Tetsuo Teri
Kumi Mizuno as Miss Namikawa
Keiko Sawai as Haruno Fuji
Yoshio Tsuchiya as Controller of Planet X
Directed by Ishiro Honda

Celebrate! Celebrate! Super Station TBS! Duh duh DUH! It’s…..SUPER SCARY SATURDAY!!! Yes, once again, we got a blast from the past, a dust off of the Old School, to educate the New School of what was cool. Grandpa Munster is here to host us another Super Scary Saturday Edition of a TarsTarkas.NET review of a Godzilla movie for our March of Godzilla spectacular that’s in it’s second month. Previously, we had Ghidrah the Three Headed Monster as Grandpa hosted it for us. Now, the sequel is here, and Grandpa Munster is still there to guide us through. This hosting has a plot, several longer host segments, and doesn’t mention the movie by name. This could mean it was used on multiple movies, or for last minute changed movies, as the other Super Scary Saturday movies I have (or at least the other two I remember) both have skits involving the specific movie.

The main feature is Godzilla vs. Monster Zero, aka Monster Zero, aka Kaiju daisenso. The television version is full screen, and calls it GvMZ, while a DVD version I have is widescreen, and under the title of just Monster Zero. Try to guess which screenshots are from the TV and which the DVD, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Monster Zero was the first direct nod to the international appeal of Godzilla, where they just stuck an American in the middle of the film from the beginning, instead of waiting for the international distributors to do it for them. Said American is Nick Adams, or NICK ADAMS as he has a gigantic credit before the opening title. Nick Adams (born Nicholas Aloysius Adamschock — seriously!) went on to…drink himself to death! I mean he died of a drug overdose. Well, he was a big name, getting an Oscar nomination for Twilight of Honor, and spent a ton of money trying to advertise that he should win it, and was robbed. Then, he went to Japan to make some Toho films, and began an illicit affair with costar Kumi Mizuno, who later dropped him. And then he died, showing that Kumi Mizuno is that good of a woman. Oh, he was married at the time, and still married when he died. We’ll talk about the rest of the stars when they pop up in the film, as well as more Nick Adams information. What Nick Adams represents was paving the way for more Western actors in Godzilla films. It’s also interesting to see how he’s portrayed, giving you a glimpse of 1965 Japan’s impression of Americans.

So let’s sit right back and we’ll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip. It started on this wacky island, aboard this tiny ship. The mate was a mighty American, the Skipper, brave but Japanese. Two Monsters were passengers later for a two hour movie, a two hour movie. The space-weather started getting rough, and the tiny ship was tossed. If not for the courage of Godzilla, King Ghidrah would return, King Ghidrah would return.

Okay, sorry about that. Let’s get it on, Super Scary Saturday-style!

The monsters roar, the wolves howl, the aliens zap, and the lady screams…it’s the Super Scary Saturday logo commercial! It’s our introduction, and we start right away, with…Grandpa Munster! “It’s me, Grandpa!” I love Grandpa Munster. Grandpa is spraying his castle for bugs “I’m nothing if not thorough!” Grandpa asks Igor for the mail (Igor is the rubber bat on a string seen in several episodes) and Igor drops a whole pile of mail on Grandpa like tribbles raining down on Captain Kirk. “You’d think that just once he’d place it in my hand” Grandpa mutters. The first piece Grandpa opens is…a paper fan! Yes…it’s Fan Mail!!! HAHahahahahahaha!! The second piece Grandpa stumbles across is a letter from one of his “dearly departed wives,” it’s an invitation to a party. A party Tonight! “Igor! This is postmarked 100 years ago!” It seems Igor was using it as a coaster, “That Igor is going to drive me batty!”

Grandpa RSVPs via a cobweb covered phone. His departed wife is named Emma Baumy and she tells him it’s a costume party. Grandpa says he’d “love to drop in for a bite!” Grandpa knows what he’ll go as…the perfect man! But he needs help from his magic spellbook, so while he looks at that, we “look at this.” (No movie title given.) So we jump right in to..

Godzilla Vs. Monster Zero! Or, as the DVD says, Monster Zero. Either way, it’s the same movie. After ominous music added to the opening credits in the American version that replaces the more upbeat original score, we get a voiceover that tells us about a mysterious new planet discovered beyond Jupiter, and Earth sends Spaceship P1 to go check it out. Spaceship P1 is staffed by two astromen, Fuji and Glenn. Fuji is played by Akira Takarada of Gojira fame, as well as many sequels. Spaceman Glenn (probably named after John Glenn) is the aforementioned Nick Adams. One of the stories about this film was it was intended to be released theatrically in the US after the success of Ghidrah, but after Nick Adams died the movie was shelved for five years. Now, this doesn’t hold water, with the movie being made in 1965, and Nick Adams dying in 1968. That’s three years in between, while it shouldn’t take more than a year to get over here from Japan. Gojira only took two years to become Godzilla. Something fishy went on. Oh well, back to the show. The spaceship heads to the new planet, called Planet X. I must say that sending manned spaceships to unknown, newly discovered planets is an odd choice of exploration methods, but if it works, it works. Fuji tells the Mission Commander on Earth to tell his sister not to do anything foolish until he gets back. His sister is dating someone he doesn’t like, so Fuji has to be immature and bring that into the workplace. What a jerk. His sister also works for this UN knockoff of NASA, and is embarrassed. The Mission Commander is Dr. Sakura, played by Jun Tazaki, seen here as Red Bamboo Commander in Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster.

The new boyfriend is an inventor named Tetsuo Teri, played by actor Akira Kubo, probably better known for Son of Godzilla or Destroy All Monsters. I met Akira Kubo in 2004, he was one of my heroes as a little kid and I never thought that I’d meet him, but luck was on my side. It was the first time he’d been to America, and he liked the fact that he ate a real American hamburger in America. Instead of his usual stronger leading man roles, he’s a weenie nerd inventor who lives with a random woman with a baby. His greatest invention is some sort of personal alarm, which they sell nowadays, but I don’t know if they were around way back then. His makes a loud loud noise that can be heard blocks away. He’s broke, until a phone call from a firm that wants to buy his noisemaker for $100,000 (976 octillion yen.)

We’re told that Planet X is very dark, that’s why no one saw it before. If only Planet X had paid their electricity bill. Planet X is also fingered as the cause of recent magnetic disturbances that are only mentioned in this brief sentence and never again. That night, Teri takes out Haruno Fuji (the sister) to celebrate him selling his invention. Haruno Fuji is actress Keiko Sawai, who’s only other G film is the related Frankenstein Conquers the World. At the dinner, they are joined by World Education Authority employee Miss Nakashima, who is finalizing her company’s contract with Teri, and is also an avid follower of space exploration. She’s actress Kumi Mizuno, from several G films, including Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster and Godzilla: Final Wars. When she’s not sleeping with American actors, she’s being the grandmother of actress Miki Mizuno, who is in a Gamera film. Miss Nakashima seems not to have a first name, unless it’s “Miss.”

Meanwhile, in the cold depths of outer space, the astromen are arriving at Planet X. Planet X is hiding behind a cardboard cutout of Jupiter. They land, and as the planet has no radiation, they can exit the ship. Planet X looks like the moon with 50% more dark dust. Fuji lands first, and then Glenn, as Fuji wanders around with his laser space gun out. Laser space guns are what our astromen took to the moon to claim it for America, and are what these astromen take to Planet X to also claim it for America and Japan. Fuji sets up the tri-flag, with the UN, Japan, and American flags on a single pole. Red lightning flashes across the sky, scaring him for a second, then he sets it up. While he’s doing this, Astroman Glenn and the entire space ship vanish, and Fuji sees footprints. An elevator then pops out of the ground, and a voice tells Fuji to go inside. The elevator also shoots his gun away, showing some type of security system we need now. Once underground, a disembodied voice says “Follow the light. The light is your guide…” Is he dead? Is this heaven? Heaven is on Planet X? I thought Heaven was a place on Earth.

He’s not dead, just underground. The aliens come in, the Controller of Planet X and his men. Many of his men are a Rogue’s Gallery of Toho actors who had various roles in Godzilla films. The Controller and all Xians are dressed like they escaped from 1980’s MTV. Their razor thin sunglasses stylize them as gangster cool. The TV version’s color is off or something, because in the DVD version it’s pretty obvious the Xians have grey makeup on, but they look just slightly pale on TV. Controller is actor Yoshio Tsuchiya, who was Rikichi in Seven Samurai and starred in numerous G films, and is an avid UFO fanatic. Here, the Controller is the goofiest looking of the Xians as he’s the most serious. He explains about Planet X, but then Planet X is attacked…by Monster Zero! Not Monster Zero! That Bastard! Wait…who’s Monster Zero? Well, it turns out Monster Zero is King Ghidrah, who is slumming on Planet X at the moment. All things on Planet X are numbered, so he’s Number Zero. The Controller somehow manages to not be numbered, but ignore that. The attack damages the hydrogen oxide pant, and the Controller hurriedly turns off the news reports so the astromen can’t hear, then places them in a force field. The astromen remark that hydrogen oxide is water, showing the space program’s lack of chemistry requirements. It’s dihydrogen monoxide.

After the coverup, Controller returns to continue speaking to the astromen. Planet X wants to borrow Monsters Zero One and Zero Two, who are Godzilla and Rodan, to drive off King Ghidrah. Ignoring the numbering error, the Controller also forgets about Mothra, who was the inspiration for the monster team up. The story for that is Mothra was dropped from the movie to lower the budget a bit. In exchange for the Monster Rental, the Xians will pay with a drug that will cure all diseases.

This would never be allowed by the pharmaceutical powerhouses now, but back then it was a novel idea. Just think, soon commercials for X-erol — The Xiest drug on the planet! airing on a TV near you. They send the astromen back home on their ship, which they had stored underground. As they fly off, the Controller laughs.

Back on Earth, the Council of Japanese People Who Can Make Decisions For All of Earth have a meeting to talk about the proposal from the aliens. the Japanese Doctors are in favor of it, as are the Japanese Women. It’s good to know that the head of the Council’s top advisors are a doctor and the local head of the ladies’ tea club. The government sends search units to where the Xians say the two monsters are at. Meanwhile, Inventor Teri bugs the company that bought his idea as to why they haven’t given him any money. Teri should have read the fine print on the contract. He’s told Miss Namikawa is out of town, then is shuffled around a bit, and gotten rid of by Yata from Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster, Toru Ibuki. The head of the company turns out to be an Xian with some electrodes in his back, used for secret Xian secrets of secrecy.


We have our commercial break, then are back with Grandpa Munster. Grandpa is hard at work making the magic potion that will turn himinto the perfect man. He puts in the ingredients: $100 plucked from the pocket of Donald Trump (“He’s got money to burn!”); a lock of hair from the head of Burt Reynolds (“Ain’t much left to go cut!”); a pair of workout trunks from Arnold Schwarzenegger, which are still pouring sweat out. Grandpa mixes them all up, and we get our potion.

After taking a drink, Grandpa gives a brief magical incantation, and turns into……….Clark Gable! Yes, young Clark Gable. Slim, the skeleton character, shakes that he doesn’t like the costume, allowing Grandpa to utter “Frankly, My Dear, I don’t give a darn!” Breaking a mirror when checking himself out does manage to change Grandpa’s mind. Actually, he says he has a change of heart, and literally does, as he switches a heart in his pocket for another one. He decides to go back to the spellbook, and we go back to the movie…

The Astromen are back on Earth, and meeting Inventor Teri for dinner with Astroman Fuji’s sister. Astroman Fuji keeps telling Teri that he doesn’t like him, and Haruno Fuji begins to get annoyed with her brother. Astroman Glenn has to run, because he also has a date that night, which turns out to be with Miss Namikawa! This shows Teri that the company lied about her being out of town. Meanwhile, search teams locate Godzilla in the lake the Xians said he’s be in. This lake also houses the cabin where Astroman Glenn and Miss Namikawa are spending the night…wait, WHAT??? So…A- Miss Namikawa is easy. B- Astroman Glenn knew where Godzilla was supposed to be and still planned an overnight love nest there? C- As Astroman Glenn will tell Astroman Fuji in the next scene, Glenn woke up in the middle of the night, saw the Controller from Planet X talking to Miss Namikawa, and thinks it’s suspicious. Glenn doesn’t trust Planet X, yet never bothered to even ask Miss Namikawa why the Controller was in their private cabin. Their plan of checking the cabin for evidence it thwarted when the military blocks off the lake to protect people. Then..three UFOs rise out of the lake and one heads over and lands near the gathering crowds. Xians emerge, including the Controller. This fails to alarm Fuji and Glenn that Miss Namikawa is an Xian, but most viewers already figured it out long ago.

The Xians apologize for scaring the Earthlings, and say they’ll go ahead and move Godzilla and Rodan themselves, so the humans don’t lose lives trying to capture them. We get some neat special effects as one Xian ship sends beams into the water, and slowly pulls up a sleeping Godzilla who is encapsulated in a transparent egg. Xian ship number two carves a hole in a mountain, then sends in rays that pull out a sleeping Rodan. The humans send Fuji and Glenn to go get the drug information from the Xians. Space Agency Head Dr. Sakurai will also join them. They’ll be heading there on the Xian craft. Fuji says goodbye to his sister, and she asks if Miss Namikawa is a nice girl. We instantly cut to Miss Namikawa making out in the front seat of Glenn’s hot rod. Namikawa wants to marry Glenn so he’ll stay on Earth; he says they’ll talk about it when they get back. But first, commercials…


Yes, we’re back with Grandpa, on his quest to become the perfect man. His next magic incantation turns him into….Don Johnson from Miami Vice! It’s odd seeing Grandpa in a pink suit jacket (with sleeves rolled up) and blue undershirt, complete with shades. He’s pulls it off. However, Fang doesn’t care for it. If you remember, Fang is a little fluffy guy who shoots huge streams of fire. He reminds Grandpa that his ex-wife hates Florida because Slim gave away the location of the Fountain of Youth to Ponce de Leon. There’s a joke you didn’t see coming!

Grandpa goes to work on the next incantation and becomes….Eddie Haskell from Leave it to Beaver!!!

On that note, we return to our regularly scheduled program.

The Astromen enter the Xian vessel, as Inventor Teri follows Miss Namikawa to an island where she talks to an Xian who chastises her for becoming to close to the Earth man. The Xian then blames her for Teri being on the island as well. Now, that’s probably too much blame, but Xians don’t treat their women very well. Teri gets himself captured, though it is designed to look like he may have been finished off. Sadly for the Xians, they aren’t that smart. On the Xian vessel, the Xians explain that they use their brain waves to control the ship, and can also control animals and plants with their brain waves. This is the second Godzilla movie in a row to make a big deal about brain waves, something that’s only really interesting to encephalologists (or conspiracy freaks) now. Outside, we see some neat shots of ships pulling Godzilla and Rodan, still sleeping in their force field eggs. They head to Planet X, and the mains ship lands in what looks like the Time Tunnel. Ships two and three drop off Godzilla and Rodan before scooting off as well. The Xians send teams to siphon water off of the Xian ships, which confirms Glenn and Fuji’s suspicion that they’re low on water. Water is also one of the things the aliens from V were after! Well, those visitors said they were our friends, and so do the Xians. All liars! Aliens are all evil, and we should shoot every single one we ever see.

Godzilla and Rodan are woken up by lasers shot at them by the Xians, then seconds later, King Ghidrah attacks! Godzilla wastes no time turning to his atomic breath, blasting King Ghidrah. Rocks are tosses, rocks are kicked, and rocks are dropped from above. Godzilla then does a wuxia-style flying leap onto Ghidrah (there is less gravity on Planet X, bu this still seems a foreshadowing of his magical Godzilla vs. Megalon flying kick. Ghidrah says enough is enough and takes off like the loser he is, flying off into space. Now it gets wacky, as Godzilla does some sort of goofy dance, leaping up into the air repeatedly while flailing his arms and legs around. It’s magically crazy. During the fighting, Glenn and Fuji managed to wander off undetected to sneak around a bit. Controller notices their absence and sends security. They’re chases, and sneak into a room full of gold, which is also full of Miss Namikawas, as several of them stroll in. They don’t know who Glenn is. The duo are captured and brought back, then all three of the Earth men are sent home, on a perfect replica of the original Earth ship, that the Xians built themselves. The men are given the tape that has the formula for the medicine on it.

As they are getting ready to take off, Godzilla and Rodan come nearby, and stare at the humans with puppy dog eyes, because they know they’re going to be left behind. Glenn says good riddance to them. I say, poor Big G. Back on Earth, Haruno Fuji talks with Miss Namikawa to ask where her boyfriend Teri is. So we get the knowledge that Teri is alive when they cut back to him captured in a cell at the island hideout. The Xians there get orders to execute the plan. The Invasion Plan!

The Astromen return with the magical tape of medicinal magical magic. They play it before a large audience, in some sort of PR stunt that today’s pharmaceutical mega-corporations would shut down before it starts. Instead of having a bunch of technical talk that the reporter present wouldn’t be able to understand, instead it has a message about how Earth should surrender, as they are now an Xian colony! “Double crossing rat finks!” yells Astroman Glenn, who is the person who should have saw this coming more than anyone. We get a news montage about how people are reacting to the news with demonstrations, but some loser nations are considering surrendering. They don’t mention it, but I bet France is one of them.

Miss Namikawa admits to Glenn that she’s an Xian, but says that she loves him. Glenn gives her a bunch of bad lines, including the “hill of beans” line from Casablanca. She slips something in his pocket, then is laser blasted to nothingness by Xian security guards. She violated the law of not being controlled by a computer. I hope the Xian computers are better than these Earth ones. Critical System Error my foot! Also, all the women on Planet X look like Miss Namikawa, so that’s good because she’s hot, but bad because variety is the spice of life. Plus, you’re controlled by a computer, and computer dating is terribly inaccurate, in addition to not having throbbing biological urges. Xians suck! Glenn calls the Xians rats again, but this time they’re “stinking rats!” The Xians don’t bother to kill Glenn, but take him captive.

Meanwhile, Xians ships melt a satellite dish because of some sort of anti-dish prejudice. They then set off the monsters, all three of them! Yes, Monsters Zero One and Zero Two have joined Monster Zero! Translation: Godzilla and Rodan are now under Xian control like King Ghidrah. Glenn is thrown into captivity with Teri, as the Xians prepare to kill every human on Earth. They must be doing it in alphabetical order, for there’s no other reason to keep Teri and Glenn alive in a cage when they could be easily disintegrated in five seconds. Also, why kill every human, when they probably could use some slaves or something? Dr. Sakurai has a plan to use magnetic waves to interfere with the alien technology, as they use the waves to control the monsters. They use a bunch of technobabble to basically say they’re going to use a laser to shoot magnetic waves. Please ignore how that’s impossible and makes no sense.

Simultaneously, Glenn and Teri are trapped in a soundproof jail cell with soundproof bars (yet there is plenty of room for sound to escape…) They find a not from Miss Namikawa, the one she slipped in Glenn’s pocket. She mentions a simple sound will kill the Xians. Teri figures out that his invention that makes the annoying sound produces the sound that will stop the Xians, and so he pulls a device out of his coat pocket! The Xians don’t even bother to search their prisoners? We got notes, doomsday devices, Nick Adams…it’s all crazy. The device works, as the guards go crazy with pain. Glenn grabs the key, which is an old style skeleton key, instead of something like a keycard or retinal scanner or even and Xian nose bone detector. They escape, and the commander calls for help from the Controller. An Xian craft flies in and blows up a ship that’s escaping, but it turns out it was full of Xian troops! Teri and Glenn swim for freedom, and I guess the nerdy inventor must also be a former Olympic swimmer or something.

Teri and Glenn tell Fuji and Dr. Sakurai about the noise devices, and soon plans using the noise and the magnetic wave lasers are made. Godzilla and Rodan begin destroying lots of things, step one in destroying the world. By world, the Xians mean a small rural town in Japan. One of the Xian ships joins in, shooting a few random buildings. King Ghidrah gets off his lazy, three-headed butt and starts blowing some stuff up also, and he’s also right next to Godzilla, Rodan, and the spaceship. Xians aren’t one for spreading their forces out. They finally manage to wander into a bigger city, as radio and TV announces that you should turn up your radio. This has to do with the plan, not to do with listening to the latest Top 40 hit. The crazy noise is broadcast and Xian UFOs begin to start wobbling. As an aside, are they really UFOs when we know they’re Xian Flying Saucers? Maybe I shouldn’t use that expression. So the Xian SAUCERS start to wobble. Freaky electromagnetic tanks with speakers drive to the island where the Xian base is, and they transmit their deadly sound and waves, in laser form. More tanks shoot at Godzilla, King Ghidrah, and Rodan, and the Xian Saucer near them. The lasers knock down the monsters, and the tanks start shooting real guns at the island base. The Xians lose control of the monsters, who start stumbling around.

The dubbing goes loco for a few minutes as the Xian ship starts exploding, and the dying Xians inside suddenly develop Southern accents. One shouts “Escape into the future!” But before the Xians begin interfering with Back to the Future Part 2, their ship explodes. Their only future…..is an unmarked grave! All the Xian crafts explode, the Xian base on the island is exploded by the tanks, they’re all dead. King Ghidrah gets in some good laser blasts on Godzilla and Rodan, blasting Big G’s feet and hitting Rodan on the wings (briefly setting the puppet afire!) The monsters tussle, and fall into the ocean. Ghidrah flies off, defeated again. Ghidrah always flies off. What a loser. Godzilla and Rodan just vanish, never emerging. Everything seems like it’s a happy ending, as Teri proved himself to Fuji, and Glenn is still Glenn. Glenn’s surprise ending is he’s being sent back to Planet X, as the first ambassador! I think this plan is flawed, because we just killed most of them, and they’re probably mad. Plus, they suck, and some of them may have escaped to the future, a future where apes evolved from men! Oh my God, that’s our planet! You maniacs! You blew it all up! Damn you! Damn you all to Hell!


On that apocalyptic note, it’s time for the end of the Super Scary Saturday skit. Grandpa is to switch into his next costume. Igor drops a guitar from the ceiling, and Grandpa says “Last time I was Tom Jones, I was in traction for three weeks!” That’s a pretty riske joke for a kids show, but most people know Grandpa Al Lewis was a freak. He becomes….Elvis!

Elvis is not an acceptable costume, either. Diedra, the mannequin, reminds him that girls like guys with money, so he becomes Captain Outrageous– Ted Turner! This is back when Ted owned all these stations, so it was Grandpa playing his boss. This is also unacceptable for a costume, as it’s not a real winner. He has only one last try, for the potion is almost out. Grandpa decides to let the spirits decide, so takes a drink, and…

Becomes Grandpa Munster again! He tells us “If you wanna be perfect, be yourself!” Words to live by, words to live by.

As Grandpa prepares to leave, he gives us the common closing statements. “I’ve had the time of my lives with you today!” But it’s times to go, so tune in next week. “Be there, or be…ware!”

Now our special exclusive interview:

Howdy all, once again I’m Minya with the TarsTarkas.NET interview. Today’s special guest is King Ghidrah, the three headed monster.
‘sup little man.
King Ghidrah, let me be frank. You’ve tried to destroy the world on your own, then again under Xian control, followed by Kilakk control, and finally under control of intelligent cockroaches. This is all before series formatting. Why were you suck a failure?
Failure is a state of mind. Godzilla had to have help the first time out, and ever since then I’ve been working with under funded goobers, taking them down from within. My failures are actually the destruction of those races. The Xians, the Kilakks, the Starhunter Cockroaches, all were seriously destroyed when became their employee. I’m a hero, and it’s about time people began recognizing it!
Plus those cockroach guys had terrible food.
Green cowboys are the best ab crunches.
A hero, huh? I don’t think people will buy that. You’re the guy they love to hate!
It’s discrimination. No one likes us because of the three heads. How many other monsters have multiple heads? None. Only we know the shame of being three creatures in one.
Walruses taste like crying.
Everyone claims discrimination when they’re not liked. You’ve been a jerk for years, and are known as a villain. What did you expect? Love?
Love is for the weak.
The one-headed weak.
That is the fable so-called the idiotischen, the complete healthy healthy agreement is rabid, by not indicating is there in.
What the Christ? Anyway, King Ghidrah, where exactly are you King?
I am King of the most important territory in all the multiverse; the greatest, most powerful land in all existence; the place in creation where only the chosen few roam; Me!
That’s insultingly stupid.
And this not will be never. But there will be employment and aussi I make I. Although 4 to ides as far as possible to continue. There was I in me, it was produced by part, it makes. Ilsa, THE I which am splendid, it is not good, whose only persona of 3 of the hills of the bean of peace where by the problem will this abnormality small not raise much, that you see, you do not assume. 1 day this vklyuayet. Now as for the maintenance… here, is examined child.
That’s it, I’m gonna kick your butt!
Violence is the last resort of the feeble-minded
Thank you, sir, may I have another?
Get off my plane!
We’re out of here! If we’d stay, we’d be forced to kill you, and that’s against our creed!
Ghidrah running away? Why, I never!
Your reason your terrestrial point of for the sake of without fail is necessary. The lead of Gondor Rohan of my sibling and sisters. They are that precision, it is that on my center, and fear of the place theyn of your eye which is seen it goes. If that goes from the return, but a certain this day, as for possibility one ritagliamo coming if is not, courage has been lacking in relationship of person and all ag, total of our ones and our friends. If distribution of age of the return to the person does not move the obligation of polverizzazione and 1 hour, but from more this day which is not sign because it is, narigheden. We hit this last one! Dangerous everything, the good land, for me has my ocidente, in the sink person who is one, being proposed, you discovered him!
On that note, this is Minya at TarsTarkas.NET, peace out! We have more Super Scary Saturday Editions to come on March of Godzilla!

Rated 7/10 (Magnetic Lasers,Godzilla’s mad, Bubble G, Bubble R, Time Tunnel!!!, We surrender!, Rodan’s mad also!)

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    • Minya has not made his last interview for TarsTarkas.NET, and Final War is in our sights, but I must make sure I’ve written a review worthy of Final War before I decide it’s good enough to put up. The film deserves no less.

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    • Yeah, I have seen him a few times, I even met Mr. Lobo before I knew who he was at the Godzilla 50th anniversary marathon at the Castro Theater. I haven’t watched him in a few years so I don’t know if he’s still on the air.

  1. wow that sounds like it was amazing time, I hope to bump into someone like that if I can every get to G-Fest. Mr. Lobo Did a really good episode with Godzilla Raids Again under the Gigantis, the Fire Monster title. I think he also covered the american aip dub of Godzilla vs the smog monster,I’m still searching for DVDS of those

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