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[adrotate banner=”1″]Zapped is an upcoming Disney Channel Original Movie starring Zendaya. It has no relation to the Scott Baio/Willie Aames film of the same name (plus an exclamation point!), but does feature a teenager with strange powers. Namely, her phone has an app that can control boys and men. Of course, hijinks ensue, things go terribly wrong, and she will learn the Robert Pattinson/Chris Pine hybrid playing the boyfriend can only be loved if they actually like each other, and not by mind control.

Zendaya stars as Zoey Stevens, who now has a whole bunch of step-brothers and a step-dad, thus is all sick of crazy men stuff. Thanks to the crazy step-brothers, her phone gets all zapped and she can control guys using her dog training app. If you don’t know who Zendaya is, learn you some Google, fool! She’s one of the Selena Gomez series models of Disney stars, who as we all know are pumped out of a factory and upgraded every few years.

Zoey Stevens is a 16-year-old high school student who excels in dancing and academics. She has difficulties when she changes schools, including adapting to its inept dance squad, as well as her new stepfather and stepbrothers at home. A dog training app she downloads for her phone changes things when it lets her give commands to human males.

Chanelle Peloso plays the best friend character Rachel Todds, who wears a hat like all best friend characters ever (it’s weird how that’s true!) and she gets harassed by the knockoff Joseph Gordon-Levitt post-mind control. Spencer Boldman is the love interest who photoshopped from every handsome actor ever.

Zapped premieres on Disney Channel on June 27. IF that date is sort of ringing bells, it’s because that’s the same day Girl Meets World premieres on Disney! Holy busy day, Batman!
Girl Meets World

This is not the only new Disney film for 2014, and it’s not even the only new Disney 2014 film that has a premise/plot similar to an old 80s movie. Later this year, How to Build a Better Boy will be a gender-swapped Weird Science redux!

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