Cookie Monster IS Les Mousserables!

cookie monster les miserables
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Sesame Street brings us the latest Cookie Monster movie parody: Les Mousserables! I’m not a big Les Mis fan, but I’m sure all the theater fans will love it.
Jean Bon-Bon is a very sad French guy in pursuit of cookies in the streets of Paris. He must figure out a way to survive and help his fellow Parisians find cookies.

Jean Bon-Bon (Cookie Monster) both learns to identify other people’s feelings and how to take their feelings into consideration and share the wealth. I’m sure Fox News will be condemning this once they learn how to watch videos on their computer. Get it? Fox News is full of old people.

The video is pretty funny, and even has some nice Snuffleupagus-themed French Architecture, something someone needs to build immediately! It’s also a better film than the recent actual Les Misérables film, which was terrible because it was directed by someone who won an Oscar for Best Director and then promptly directed a film that looks worst than what I shot when I left the video camera on when it was in the camera bag. Tom Hooper almost invented an Oscar recall with this crap. Perhaps he should learn a thing or two from this video about learning about feelings.

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