Minoru Kawasaki is back with Earth Defense Widow!

Earth Defense Widow Dan Mitsu

Minoru Kawasaki is back with another crazy kaiju adventure with Earth Defense Widow (地球防衛未亡人)! This time, we follow former geisha girl and current member of the Earth Defense Force (and as mentioned, newly widowed) Dan as she battles a new kaiju Bemularsu that killed her husband. The problem is she gets sexually aroused whenever she battles the monster. As you can guess, that’s sort of a problem. And also the plot! Gravure model Dan-Mitsu plays Dan, and Minoru Kawasaki got two tokusatsu veterans with Kohji Moritsugu (Dan Moroboshi of Ultra Seven) and Shunichi Okita (Ichiro Yamanaka of Ultraman Ace) You’ll also recognize some of the cast from Kawasaki’s prior films. This is his third entry in the “Delusional Tokusatsu” series, the prior ones being 1987’s Earth Defense Girl Iko-cahn and 2013’s Earth Defense Girls P9.

Of course the real question is will there be anyone wearing animal costumes? It looks like sadly, no. But maybe one day we’ll get the animal costumes versus kaiju film we’ve all been dreaming of!

Earth Defense Widow came out in February, so hopefully it will make it Statesside soon!

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