Get crafty with the Minecraft Movie!

My Little Pony Minecraft

The Minecraft film will just be a remake of Troy!

[adrotate banner=”1″]Minecraft is an open world game that I know mainly from playing with my young nephew and conspiring to get him to blow up hours of his hard work in game. I mean, to have fun. Yeah, that’s the ticket. And tickets to movies is what Warner Brothers wants you to buy, snatching up Minecraft and comparing it to the amazing Lego Movie. But Lego Movie‘s awesomeness comes not because it is a familiar property filled with familiar properties, but because the story has heart. The familiar properties are just like M&Ms in your McFlurry.

MineCraft doesn’t have Batman or retro Spacemen or even decades of nostalgia as an aide, so Minecraft is already coming in behind the curve. But there is potential there. Minecraft videos cloud my YouTube feeds, many with six digit views stats despite being hours long and looking very boring. It has a rabid fanbase among young kids and people who like watching Twitch streams, so there is an audience, as long as the script and story doesn’t turn out to be ridiculous and stupid. But has Hollywood ever made a bad movie? Obviously not!

via Deadline
image via PlanetMinecraft

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