Focus on the Family is (not) Irreplaceable

Irreplaceable Focus on the Family
[adrotate banner=”1″]In fact, we could totally get rid of Focus on the Family and things would be pretty cool. But that’s not going to happen because they have money and you don’t. To expand on that, they have the money to create a documentary film about how traditional families are awesome and then broadcast it across the country using Fathom Events. Now, I don’t care what people use Fathom Events for, be it RiffTrax of Glenn Beck. But I can speak derisively at the content of those Fathom Events if they are Looney Tunes.

From the innocuous trailer, you might think Irreplaceable was some harmless fluff about how kids need love. I wish that was just the case. But the true colors are shown thanks to the host’s own words and the guest list of interviewees.

As they say:

Host of “The Family Project,” Tim Sisarich said that he believes that God’s grace and truth can inspire hope to families who have no hope. He added that God is the only architect who can show us the original design He had for the family.

Translation: If you don’t have the traditional family, you are against God. Irreplaceable is part of The Family Project, and is budgeted at $5 million.

Irreplaceable will feature such luminaries as Dr. Miriam Grossman, author of You’re Teaching My Children WHAT?, a book that says sex education is based on a bunch of lies. It also preaches gay conversion therapy, an excerpt of which can be found at

Here is my favorite quote from her:

With the brouhaha over Bristol Palin’s pregnancy, here’s a plus no one’s considered: should this young woman go to college as a married mom, she’ll be spared four years of the campus hook-up culture.

(from )

Michael Medved, who uses his film critic cred (HA!) to rant against gay marriage.

Rabbi Shmuel Goldin campaigns against the publication of gay wedding announcements in Jewish newspapers. I’m sure he’s unbiased…

Right wing nutjob Eric Metaxas, yet another guy obsessed with gays and gay sex. Anyone get the feeling there is a lot of repression going on?

But this must be even-handed, right? Speaking of irreplaceable, what if someone replaced Focus on the Family with an organization that wasn’t homophobic and regressive? Because that’s some replacing I can get behind! Someone get my replacing suit!

As the blurb says…

What is family? Does ‘family’ still matter in today’s society? NCM Fathom Events, Focus on the Family™ and Pine Creek Entertainment invite you to explore these important questions when Irreplaceable comes to select cinemas nationwide in a theatrical one-night event on Tuesday, May 6 at 7:30pm (local time).

Join host Tim Sisarich (Executive Director of Focus on the Family™ New Zealand) as he seeks to find out whether the adage, “If family fails, society fails” is true. He meets with experts around the globe to determine whether the concept of the traditional family is meaningful, or in fact outmoded. And if it is meaningful, is family worth preserving, even fighting for? On the journey he hopes to discover why all humans have a yearning to be in family – to be a part of something – and what forces contribute to the breakdown of family. Explore the origins and history of the family structure through an array of lenses and cultures.

In addition to this compelling documentary, listen to a panel discussion of experts and special guests who will wrestle with the implications family has for all of humanity. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this enlightening journey!

Irreplaceable airs May 6 2014 at theaters nationwide.

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47 thoughts on “Focus on the Family is (not) Irreplaceable

  1. Damnit Tars! We cannot afford many more ignorant words out of the mouths of ignorant morons like you!

    I don’t care if you are too stupid to see that morality and values have disintegrated in this country, and that it starts with a complete annihilation of family values…

    Virtually all of the societal problems in this country can be traced in some way to an ignorance about the scientific REALITY of DUALISM! Sex is about duality… procreation is about duality… LIFE ON EARTH IS ABOUT DUALITY!

    You fucking morons and your ignorant androgeny and sexual ambiguity, all targeted towards PLEASURE WITH NO CONSEQUENCE!

    FUCK YOU AND SHUT THE FUCK UP! Your ignorance is literally causing your species to face extinction!


  2. I am going to promote the fuck out of this movie… PURELY to stick it to you ignorant fucking morons!

    And I guarantee you cannot compete with me, when it comes to the power of persuasion… BECAUSE I HAVE A BRAIN IN MY HEAD!

  3. Duality is the key to all life! Anything that spits in the face of Duality, will not evolve and cannot survive!

    No Duality… No Life! PERIOD! Get that through your thick heads! It is everywhere we look, it permeates EVERYTHING! This has nothing to do with prejudice or bias! It has nothing to do with religion! It is ALL about science!

    Our total vile repulsion for THINKING is going to extinguish us from the earth! All because we have decided that the pleasure principle supercedes any requirement to use our brains!

    Even an asexual fungus reproduces through SEX. But it is for the purpose of reproduction only. Reproduction is the purpose of sex! I love sex more than anybody, but I can figure out that it is PLEASURABLE because that serves a functional role in evolution. In ancient times people knew this. They would have sex based on the seasons. A person who had sex in February (or spawned it, in the man’s case) and then gave birth to a child in November would almost certainly have been outcast or considered a pariah, for bearing a child and giving birth to a child that would almost certainly die before the end of its first winter.

    These are patently obvious realities, if you just put a few moments of thought into it. And once you realize this, you see that duality is the key to all life on earth. Plants, animals, fungi. The earliest ameobae were the catalysts in this process. All life is about sex and duality.

    And we are calling these movements “PROGRESSIVE?”

    All future history books will focus almost exclusively on this 100 year period of time leading up until the decay we are catalyzing at this moment! And you think any aspect of your life will carry forth a legacy that is more important than how you participate in this?


    If people want to be pissed at me for being infinitely more educated on this subject, and given the absolute certainty that any future humans will know what I am saying now without question and understand it as a fundamental truth… go for it! I truly couldn’t care less… because this is critical to human life, and I am not going to just “go with the flow” because I don’t want to be unpopular! A whole shitload of Germans did that… and guess what hindsight thinks!

    Well, I am hindsight! I am telling you the way it is, and you need to listen because I know more about it than you, and I will be right about it!

    At the very least, as an individual, you need to NOT be a part of this movement that is directed ONLY towards human annihilation!

    Again… if this offends you… PLEASE let me know! I want to know who I need to just eliminate entirely from my life forever! I NEED TO KNOW THIS! Your ignorance is vile and unbearable to me!

  4. You and your ignorance are horrendous!

    Every speck of life on earth is governed 100% by duality… how can anything that flies in the face of this bring anything but death?

    It cannot!

    Get a fucking education, read a book… and stop spreading your idiocy through the ether!

  5. Let’s be crystal clear!

    1) I am not the one going apocalyptic… You are! I am trying to clean up your mess!

    2) Dismissing me as a “NUTBAG” is just the same old “I have nothing legit to counter with, so you’re a nutbag!” Well, that’s all nonsensical bullshit… you can go running to your pathetic friends and tell them “some nutbag” did this, so that they can all pat you on the back. It’s just the same old “herd mentality”… and yes, you will always have more idiots on your side, then I will have geniuses on my side! But it doesn’t make any difference in WHO IS RIGHT AND WHO IS WRONG!

    3) At any time, in your tyrrades and ignorant spiels, did it ever occur to you that a person should make a REMEDIAL attempt at educating themselves, before spreading bullshit into the ehter? Did that ever pop into your head? What on earth could possibly have convinced you that your uneducated, and complete non-attempts to educate yourself… can provide valuable insight on complicated issues?


    Do you believe any of the great thinkers in science or philosophy would give two seconds of attention to your nonsensical, uneducated bullshit? No! Not even ONE second! They would dismiss you as a talker who doesn’t have a brain to back it up!

    THIS IS THE LESSON YOU NEED TO LEARN: the earth will welcome what you have to say, when you put 5 seconds of critical thought behind it before it leaves your fucking mouth!

    You and your bullshit ignorant uneducated movement are destroying humanity! Your sarcastic response to that fact is going to be quoted in my book! SUE ME, BITCH! Your name will forever be connected to this movement… and history will not ever forget it!

    Congratulations… maybe you should have picked up a fucking book before you started polluting the ether with your ignorance! Now, nothing you ever do in life will carry forward, more than your place in history as the person who represents the most ignorant level of thought that has ever taken place in humanity!

    DUALITY IS EVERYTHING, and if duality is everything, then it is patently obvious that your argument is a load of shit! If you don’t believe Duality is everything… again… BRING IT ON! But don’t go crying to your friends who are all just as fucking stupid as you are…


  6. And if you think any remotely intelligent person is reading this, and siding with you… then your state of delusion is quite impressive!

    • Wow, this is 50 tons of crazy in a 5 pound bag!

      To wit:


      **Somehow I am responsible for the extinction of mankind, despite there being more human beings on the planet now than ever before.

      **Asexual reproduction is somehow straight family values.

      **Cavemen had sex based on the Gregorian calender


      **I’m now going to be in a book (Please post a link to your book when it is published!)

      **Duality doesn’t seem to be against gay couples at all, but totally is biased against single moms and threesomes

      **If Duality is so cool, why is there always an evil twin?

      **I’m not even sure what you are arguing against, aside from me.


      **This movie still sucks and is anti-gay propaganda.

      **From the most-repeated parts of your comments, it seems life on earth is really about bragging about how smart you are and telling people to shut the fuck up on the internet

      In conclusion, shut the fuck up. On the internet.

      • Nut-jobs aside, Tars, you DO think Minilla is better than Junior, which, while probably not directly CONTRIBUTING to the ultimate extinction of mankind, certainly isn’t helping.

        Also, and I admit I sort of glazed over most of the ranting, but was there something there about people being born in November dying from the cold? But… I was born in November, and I’m closing in on 30. So, what… what? Also fungi reproduce asexually, that’s a fact, so I’m a little lost on what fruiting bodies have to do with homophobia.

        Hey, just to clear things up, crazy guy, can you post a second series of long rambling posts about how mushrooms born in November always die or whatever? It would definitely elucidate matters if you continued to become even more unhinged in public for everyone to laugh at, whoops I mean take seriously because you’re a really smart person.

        P.S. can I submit this to something awful?

        • Hey, Minya and Junior are just another example of dualism! Minya is just way more dualism than Junior, though…

          Also Alcohollywood made an audio version of this guy’s argument –

          I posted this in the greenlight thread, but feel free to post wherever. The gospel of dualism must be spread to both corners of the globe!

  7. More “crazy” talk! Seriously… are you even going to attempt another strategy? This all centered on two things… either one of which would not be a problem by itself, but combined it is a terrible problem!

    1) You are uneducated… you just listed a link of a video that makes a version of my argument… but it is nothing resembling my argument… because nobody has ever produced anything stating my argument! Again… you are uneducated, which is bad enough in itself… but you don’t even make an ATTEMPT to become educated… you do a GOOGLE SEARCH FOR DUALISM OR DUALITY and think you are capturing what I said. What I said was very clear… every speck of life is centered in a SCIENTIFIC (BIOCHEMICAL, OBSERVABLE, RECORDABLE) principle of duality! You must have male and female, no matter what form of life you are… you must have both of these to evolve!

    I am not expressing an opinion, I am expressing a scientific, undeniable reality!

    Don’t link bullshit that has nothing to do with my argument, because you are only exposing how fucking little effort you are willing to put into exercising and improving your brain! You encapsulate perfectly the American plague…… aggressive and wanton stupidity and ignorance!

    2) You spew your ignorant nonsense on the internet, as if you have a fucking seed of authority to be spreading it!

    Again… 1 or 2 by itself, isn’t so terrible… together, you are the cancer!

    Your statement here should expose you to anyone with working brain cells:

    “Duality doesn’t seem to be against gay couples at all, but totally is biased against single moms and threesomes”

    That’s because, once again, you refuse to put in 5 minutes of effort to understand the scientific irrefutability of what Duality is, in the natural order! And yet, you argue against it without ever knowing what it is…

    The greatest difference between you and I, is that I would never in a million years consider attempting to debate someone on a subject that I knew I had not thoroughly investigated… let alone not even ATTEMPTING to understand it.

    If you think you will still have followers after a continued debate with me, you are in for a rude awakening!

  8. Dualism is a philosophy… Duality is a hard-cold scientific reality! They are NOT the same thing! You need to grasp that difference before you try to enter into this debate!

    Every speck of life on earth, from the first forms of life until this moment, without a single exception, has as its fundamental BIOCHEMICAL foundation, the principle of Duality: two sexes!

    All life on earth, without a single exception, evolves through sexual recombination. Even asexual fungi use sexual recombination. They shuffle the genetics between the male and the female system that comprises them… 1 lichen, 1 algae. That is a fungus, and those two systems are remnants of the earliest life on earth, and those two systems represent male and female.

    No example on earth can be found that does not use sexual (MALE AND FEMALE) recombination to evolve.

    For the dense who do not understand the implications of this… it means that if you want to be homosexual and practice that lifestyle… you are perfectly free to do so. Just like I can lie and steal, and cheat on my girlfriend or wife…

    BUT… it does not mean that there is any foundation for trying to push those WEAK values on any other human being. I do things I shouldn’t do… those are called weaknesses and vices. But I do not for one second ever try to sell them as virtue. IT IS NOT!

    If your lifestyle stands in direct defiance of the most fundamental law governing every speck of life on earth… then it is NOT virtuous! Do not ever try to paint it as such! It is just as filthy as all other sins! And yes… anything that defiles the natural order, MUST be considered a sin.

    I am not saying I do not sin. What I am saying is that I am smart enough to know the difference between virtue and vice!

  9. Pokey Mon… if you want to enter the debate, then enter it. But as of yet, you have not!

    Please do me the favor of trying to stand toe-to-toe with me… do the world that favor! There are 1000s of you morons for every one of ME out there… so you will always have more voices in your corner… but you will never have a single one that can actually stand toe-to-toe on merit! And if you try, you will be exposed for the lazy-minded idiot that you are!

    Don’t believe me… then make your move!

  10. Hey, just a heads up. Shouting the same shit about Duality in six different bloated paragraphs doesn’t make you intelligent or wise. It makes you repetitive and boring.

    And as a friend of the gays, let me inform you than some of my friends are in love, not for the sex, but because they actually enjoy each others company. With their clothes on. In public. Gay folks are just waiting to rip their shirts off and get to the fuckin’ 24/7. I’d actually say straight people are more apt to do that.

  11. Well, Wag… first of all, I did not repeat the same thing over and over. It is repetitive and boring to you because you can’t comprehend it, but to suggest I didn’t forward the argument is to suggest that you didn’t read it. There shouldn’t be anything difficult to comprehend in what I wrote, given that it is all in perfect English, and laid out in simple terms. The reality is that not one person has even attempted to address my argument.

    Second, I would bet have many more gay friends than you do, given that I have spent several decades working in an industry that is loaded with more homosexuals than almost any other industry. I have never had a single gay person accuse me of any kind of discriminating behavior. This isn’t about who has gay friends, or understanding how they behave in public.

    This is about promoting values, and more than that, threatening people who practice DIFFERENT values. I am not the one being intolerant here, and it is a testament to the cloudiness of people’s thinking, that they don’t see that, with absolute clarity.

    As a side note: I can’t help but notice how quiet certain parties have become. It makes me pretty sick to see that once you start talking hard science, people quickly run and hide. Everybody is willing to argue and express their opinion… right up until they find themselves in a situation that requires them to actually be educated on the subject.

  12. This last sentence hits right at the core of the problem, and is exactly why the person who runs this blog (forum, site, crapfest) is also part of the problem. This person should not have an audience…

    • I’ll be your audience :3

      Tell me more about the sexually asexual fungi and share with me your sources so that I may learn more about God’s glorious science :3

  13. I sense your sarcasm, but sure…

    As for the “source” regarding Asexual fungi having sex… this is well known in science already… go to and type in “asexual fungi have sex” into the little rectangular box!

    Regarding the comment about “God’s glorious science”… that sounds very religious to me! I am not talking about religion, and I am not a religious person… religion is not required for this science… since, afterall, it is science!

    Simply put, one more time… none of this exists in any science book, or any other source you have studied, so I hope you are all clear that what you are reading is the birth of a new scientific paradigm…

    Reference “Structure of Scientific Revolutions” by Thomas Kuhn for an indoctrination into the fundamentals of scientific discovery and paradigm formation… it is considered one of the 50 most influential works of the 20th century… it is easy to read even for the non-educated scientist, and it is very short, which appeals to the “short-attention-span” minds of the 21st century!

    Here is the paradigm in very simple statements:

    1) Every life form on earth, from the beginning of life until this very moment, can be scientifically observed to follow one consistent principle: Sexual recombination! This is accomplished by shuffling the genetics of the two competing yet comlimentary systems (Male and Female; aka lactate and citrate chemistry)

    2) If the fundamental principle governing the evolution and propagation of every life form that has ever existed is SEX (i.e. sexual recombination)… then this principle must be considered a fundamental (if not THE fundamental) law of nature (aka the Natural Order).

    3) If the most fundamental law of the Natural Order requires TWO SEXES… then it is patently absurd to suggest than anything defying or defiling this law, is in line with the Natural Order, or that it is beneficial to the propagation of the species (i.e. it is DESTRUCTIVE to the propagation of the species)

    Once again… these are very simple postulates, and should not be difficult to comprehend… of course, ALL of it rests on the validity of Proposition #1… and if this is not true… I challenge (LITERALLY) every single one of the 8 billion people on this planet… including EVERY SINGLE scientist, no matter how reputable (BRING IT ON STEPHEN HAWKING)… to contradict it!

    It cannot be done… Thomas Kuhn has made it clear… when science reaches a point when the philosophical implications of its theories branch out into two completely divergent explanations (1: Genesis… 2: Evolution)… this happens because the science has reached a crisis… and it will ONLY resolve this crisis with the formation of a new paradigm that is able to be consistent with both realities… This theory does EXACTLY that!

  14. Incidentally, friedpundit, if you weren’t being sarcastic, I meant no offense… either way, I meant no offense…

    I attack people ferociously, because I have learned very clearly, that if you do not knock somebody on their ass, you will not get their attention!

    I appreciate (sarcastic or not) that you took an inquisitive approach to this discussion, and I say that with zero sarcasm…

  15. Those of you who have witnessed this… you may not grasp this at the moment… but what you are witnessing is a revolution that is literally more important than any that has ever taken place in the history of humanity!

      • Yes… but the actual important and intelligent stuff is only happening as a result of the profound ignorance that is actually produced INTENTIONALLY by your site!

        So yea… I guess, if you want to be a “glass is half full” kind of person… you could say… “If it wasn’t for the insane levels of ignorance being espoused by my forum, you would have never shared these important discoveries!”

        Good point! Kuhn would agree… no scientific progress comes about without the “aid” of those who are plugging along in the wrong direction…

  16. One final note: when reading up on “asexual fungi that have sex”… understand that you are reading about “their observations” of a phenomenon that does not readily fit into their paradigm… but which they will (by necessity) try to cram into place… as Kuhn informs us, the new paradigm does not replace the old one gradually… it does so in violent revolution!

    Those trying to “explain” sexually reproducing asexual fungi are not trying to establish a new paradigm… they are trying to fit it into the old one (but it simply never will)… still, when you read their language, you need to keep this in mind…

    They will never say… Oh my God! We have to come up with a new paradigm… that is not how science works!

  17. Always entertaining when people (e.g. Pokeymon) pop up and try to be intellectually superior… only to realize they are in over their heads… his last sentence (given his dead silent follow-up) is particularly illuminating for the outside observer…

    And a low hush fell over the crowd……. shhhhhhhh

  18. When even bloggers (the loudest know-nothings in the world) go silent… you know somebody got put in their place!

  19. Wow. I hope Tars doesn’t decide to commit suicide after being “put in their place” so hard. Tars, you have so much to live for!

    Being all about duality, would you be THE Dr. Ray DeAngelo Harris?

    • Sigh… another worthless reply with no substance! Are there really no members or visitors of this forum that have even a basic understanding of science or arguments?

      I already said this, Bob… nobody on earth has ever proposed what I have proposed. This is a new paradigm. It does not exist and has never existed in scientific literature or theory. This is not a rehash or re-visitation of anybody else’s works.


      I am not referring to spirituality… or philosophy… or metaphysics! This is all hard cold science, and nothing else! BIOCHEMISTRY! If you want to test me, then test me… but STOP suggesting I am talking about anything other than observable biochemical processes that exist in every form of life. NOT speculation… observable, provable, and scientific! NOTHING ELSE!

      The reading comprehension among your fan base, Tars, is rather pathetic!

      • Ha, ha, ha! I’ll freely admit that I have no idea what you’re trying to explain or defend. Deciphering your insane ramblings proves to be too difficult for my obviously feeble mind.

        The fact that you spout so many words in some vain attempt to “win” the comments section of a blog post about someone’s opinion, is hilarious. Feel free to reply to this with some multi-paragraph tirade about whatever the hell you’re being so goddamn crazy about.

        I can’t promise that I’ll comprehend it though!

  20. Back to the insane talk… the mantra of those who can’t comprehend! Sickening!

    I have stated clearly, over and over, that this is NOT philosophy, or metaphysics… and you idiots keep coming back in here and trying to say I am talking about philosophy or metaphysics…

    You can try to say this is about “rambling” or “crazy-talk”… but the fact is… I couldn’t even carry on a basic earth science conversation with you. THAT is the bottom line here… you cannot enter this debate, because you have absolutely no educational foundation.

    If I am wrong… PROVE IT TO ME! Say something related to science, or show me some comprehension of the basic principle I have stated over and over and over. It is NOT remotely complicated!

    DUALITY: two systems (BIOCHEMISTRY) representing male and female sex… these are scientifically observable in every single form of life to ever exist on this planet (even in ASEXUAL fungi!!!)… and every form of life to ever exist on this planet evolves ONLY as a product of sexual recombination (GENETICS) between these two systems.


    This quote, “The fact that you spout so many words”… tells me one thing: you are allergic to reading, and that is why you are uneducated and cannot intelligently discuss this very simple scientific statement… why you fail to comprehend what is very clearly stated… and why you keep dismissing it as something other than science.

    • Hey, did you go see the movie this whole post was about? Because it was in theaters today only. No review I’ve read mentions Duality or asexual fungi having sexual sex in a two-parent household. Looks like Dobson blew it again!

      • It looks like you are finally digging around in the right place, Tars! The movie is not about Duality, but it is about the male-female relationship and its importance in parenting.

        During every time period, the philosophy of people is tied directly to the scientific paradigm that guides them. When the earth was flat, people put humans at the center of the universe. Then they had to revise that, and they put the sun at the center. And then eventually they revised this again, and realized that the universe does not revolve around us at all. With each change in the scientific paradigm, there was a corresponding change in the guiding philosophy. In fact, the original branch of “science” was known as Natural Philosophy.

        No difference here. You made your original post, in which you slam this movie… suggesting that there is no foundation for a movie that espouses what amounts to “Duality” in the parenting process (male and female life-givers!). You called it “homophobic” and “regressive,” among other things.

        I pointed out that your remarks are counter-productive to human evolution. We are a DUALISTIC life form just like every other life form on earth. ALL other life forms recognize this, and their existence is a constant reflection of it. The only life form that makes any effort to defy this evolutionary natural order… is humans!

        This movie knows nothing about the science of Duality, I’m sure of it. The makers of this movie are not promoting Duality, knowingly. However, they are espousing the correct NATURAL PHILOSOPHY that runs in line with Duality: AKA the fundamental law of nature.

        The people who made the movie are almost certainly religious in their perspective. I am not! And that is what happens when a successful new paradigm is formed… it is able to tie two previously “paradoxical” realities together, until there is no longer a paradox.

        Our population is divided into those who believe science, and those who preach religion. And then there’s me, the guy who bridged the divide, and introduced a paradigm and resolves the paradox. And what this paradigm tells us, is that one male and one female is the law of the land!!! I know this upsets you and many others who refuse to accept that life is about Duality (male and female interdependence), but that IS the undeniable reality.

        I don’t make the rules… I just report them!

  21. Wait, what did I dismiss? You’ll have to excuse my ignorance, my brain just can’t keep up!

    I said nothing about your “new paradigm”. What confuses me is how someone with such (stated) intelligence won’t allow anyone else to have a differing opinion. All of the smart people I know (which is, admittedly, everyone because I’m so dumb) have a rational discourse without resulting to petty yelling (i.e. “SHUT THE FUCK UP”), or boastful statements of superior intellect to “win” the discussion. Only ignorant people do that. Smart people talk about things in a calm and rational manner, and listen to both sides of the discussion instead of just forcing their view down people’s throats and plugging their fingers in their ears (or so I’ve heard, I can only understand so much when the smart people talk).

    Now, since you brought it up (and I do apologize for being so simple due to my tiny brain) your argument is that people who don’t agree with you are wrong (and stupid) and homosexuality is the path to extinction because of “DUALITY”? Is that what you’re so passionate about? And all of this because of a negative trailer review? Surely a master of comprehension such as yourself doesn’t need all those paragraphs just to say “SCIENCE SAYS THAT THE HOMOS ARE DESTROYING HUMANITY AND I AM SMARTER THAN EVERYONE AND THEREFORE, RIGHT”. For someone with such intelligence, you sure do have trouble making your point in a succinct (or coherent, or rational) manner.

    Also, have you told anyone else of your Earth-shattering “paradigm”? Why keep something so significant to the “idiots” (your words) of this website?

    • “Wait, what did I dismiss?”

      “Deciphering your insane ramblings proves to be too difficult”

      Dismissive… and your last post just continued that the dismissive tone… “Your argument is that people who don’t agree with you are wrong (and stupid).” No, of course that isn’t my argument, and nowhere have I suggested that is my argument. In fact, that does not constitute an argument… which is the problem trying to discuss this with someone like you. You don’t have a foundation in logic or arguments (i.e. critical thinking).

      Your last question is relevant, however: Yes, I am passing along this information freely! This is not the only place this has been discussed. Who else on the planet do you know who disseminates information free of charge, when that information is literally revolutionary and could constitute a potential gold mine for the person who possesses it?

      The reason for posting it on a website like this, is because the people who need to hear it the most are dissenters. It is an issue that requires debate among the intelligent and the slovenly alike. And the truth is, there are far more slovenly than intelligent in the world, and like everything else, it’s a numbers game.

  22. Unfortunately, as with all scientific revolutions (see Galileo, e.g.), the voice of reason is always looked upon as the “fringe” thinker, and those desperately clutching onto the old failing paradigm have incredible safety in numbers. No scientific revolution ever comes about with a handshake and a smile.

  23. I don’t agree with you and you have plainly stated that I am wrong and stupid in your first paragraph. Didn’t you not see that as you were typing it?

    I AM being dismissive to you for two reasons: your massive ego and your incredibly bigoted stance. How long have you been spouting this “paradigm” of yours? Why hasn’t the community embraced your ideas? Are there too many “dissenters”? Are you mad that Pat Robertson and many countless others have been screaming about this “theory” for decades? Could there be a slim possibly be that maybe, just maybe, the general public is ok with the gays?

    Then again, what am I saying? You have the RULES OF NAAATUREEEEEE and an iron-clad belief that you are in the right. I guess I can’t compete with someone who likens them self to Galileo with their “scientific revolution” a.k.a. “THE GAYS ARE AN AFFRONT TO HUMANITY”.

    I guess you re right about my side of this discussion, though. The way I see things is “Be excellent to one another”. It is pretty stupid. I think I heard that in church or from a book or something. Whoever said that must of been really dumb. From now on I’ll just listen to no one’s opinions (but my own!) and write multi-page dissertations on websites’ comment sections in order to push my agenda. You have truly shown me the light.

    I’ll start right away!

    Damnit Apoc! We cannot afford many more ignorant words out of the mouths of ignorant morons like you!

    I don’t care if you are too stupid to see that morality and values have disintegrated in this country, and that it starts with a complete annihilation of choice…

    Virtually all of the societal problems in this country can be traced in some way to an ignorance about the scientific REALITY of CHOICE! OPINIONS are about duality… DISCUSSIONS are about duality… LIFE ON EARTH IS ABOUT DUALITY!

    You fucking morons and your ignorant lack of understanding, all targeted towards ONE-SIDED THINKING WITH NO CONSEQUENCE!

    FUCK YOU AND SHUT THE FUCK UP! Your ignorance is literally causing your credibility to face extinction!


  24. Gonna have to keep this brief because talking to you only dillutes the argument, since you avoid the argument with every breath.

    First: “I don’t agree with you and you have plainly stated that I am wrong and stupid in your first paragraph.”

    This does NOT mean that my “argument” is that anyone who doesn’t agree with me is an idiot. You can NOT agree with me all you want… I am the one who has thoroughly studied the science. Neither you or any other person has ever refuted or attempted to refute my statement… the moment that first happens, we can determine whether or not I am wrong. Until then, it is a moot statement.

    However… your logic is simply horrendous, and THAT is why I think you’re stupid! You could be a genius and be wrong, or you could be an idiot and be right… it just happens that you are an idiot AND wrong.

    But I think this should wrap up our debate…

    “The way I see things is “Be excellent to one another”. It is pretty stupid. I think I heard that in church or from a book or something. Whoever said that must of been really dumb.”

    Yea… that’s from “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.” So… it’s a nice philosophy and all… but it doesn’t really address any part of my science, or this discussion. It does address your knowledge base, however…

    “Nice” talking to you…

  25. Your reply: “No, YOU’RE the stupid one. *plugs fingers in ears*

    MY PROBLEM WITH IS THAT YOU ARE A BIGOT HIDING BEHIND SCIENCE TO JUSTIFY A BIGOTED STANCE. I don’t give a goddamn if your “theory” is that the moon is made of cheese, my problem is and always has been with you. Not your tired “paradigm” (which is nether original nor groundbreaking), it’s you and your “science says that the gays are killing America” argument. EVERYONE is entitled to their opinion, but using science to justify your attitude on human sexuality is stupid and misinformed. You have shown time and time again that instead of making a rational point you use your inflated ego to boast of your superior intelligence and talk down to people who disagree while ignoring everything that doesn’t fall in line with your “theory”. As I have stated numerous times, I have not been arguing against the scientific part of your theory, just the part where you use it to justify your crusade against homosexuality and androgyny. You are not as smart or clever as you think, you’re just a small, ignorant person with a superiority complex who tries to justify their partisan views all the while shouting “SCIENCE AND DUALITY”. You are pathetic.

    And, you’re not going to answer any of my questions and slink away, feeling secure in the knowledge that you schooled some random person by identifying a quote from a movie. Seems like you won this one!

    P. S.- Smart people usually know…how…to…use…ellipsis…
    P.P.S.- I really do believe that we should be excellent to one another, so I will extend the olive branch. Wanna’ go to a Gay Pride parade with me?

  26. Bob, I am fully aware of your opinion of me as a person. I couldn’t give a rats ass! I am espousing the most important scientific discovery ever made by human beings… your opinion of ME as a person is IRRELEVANT!

    Your statement that I am a bigot is ludicrous! I have not said anything that can be interpreted as bigotry. I am talking about science, I am not expressing any personal beliefs. As I have already said, if you want to practice something in your personal life, you can do that… but the moment you start trying to selling it as a virtue, there is a problem!

    This entire debate is about the fact that someone tried to suggest that living in a way that is harmonious with everything in nature (i.e. man and woman raising child) is “regressive” and “homophobic”


    Again… your opinion of me is irrelevant. I couldn’t give a rats ass about you as a person, because it is inconsequential to every aspect of this discussion, and that is why my perspective has objectivity and relevance, while yours does not!

    You are either qualified to debate this issue, or you are not… and two things that suggest you are not are (1) an inability to use proper logic, and (2) a failure to comprehend scientific thinking.

    Practice whatever vices you want… but the moment you start lying about their virtuosity, you have crossed a line. I am on the right side of that line, and you are not, because my side of the line is backed by (once again) the most fundamental law of life on earth!

    This debate is about that fact, and nothing else! You have still yet to forward any argument that even gets your foot in the door……….

  27. Whether you like it or not, if you want to attack my position, you are going to have to attack the science of duality! Your personal opinion of me does nothing at all to strengthen your position, or weaken mine. It is just a typical example of the insanely over-used “ad hominem fallacy.” Logic 101!

    If your entire purpose here is to say that you don’t like me… then bravo! Pretty sure you got that message across. But beyond that, you still have not said much of anything relevant to the original discussion.

    • You are a crazy moron. You shout about duality while I call you out on your bigotry, all over an argument YOU started by commenting on an OPINION on a movie you haven’t seen. You’re a bigot and you’re ignorant, own up to it.

      In leau of replying to your madness, I will instead post some relevant quotes.

      “In itself, homosexuality is as limiting as heterosexuality: the ideal should be to be capable of loving a woman or a man; either, a human being, without feeling fear, restraint, or obligation.” – Simone De Beauvoir

      “The world is not divided into sheeps and goats. Not all things are black nor all things white. It is a fundamental of taxonomy that nature rarely deals with discrete categories. Only the human mind invents categories and tries to force facts into separated pigeon-holes. The living world is a continuum in each and every one of its aspects. The sooner we learn this concerning sexual behavior the sooner we shall reach a sound understanding of the realities of sex.” -Alfred Kinsey

      “At least 260 species of animal have been noted exhibiting homosexual behaviour but only one species of animal ever, so far as we know, has exhibited homophobic behaviour — and that’s the human being.” – Stephen Fry

      I await your long-winded reply with baited breath, in the hopes that you have some charts or graphs to really “sock it to me”.

  28. “I am espousing the most important scientific discovery ever made by human beings… ”

    Which is-
    “You fucking morons and your ignorant androgeny and sexual ambiguity, all targeted towards PLEASURE WITH NO CONSEQUENCE!

    FUCK YOU AND SHUT THE FUCK UP! Your ignorance is literally causing your species to face extinction!”


    Ha, ha, ha!

  29. Bob… your contributions to humanity will not go unnnoticed!

    Every one of your quotes comes from a socio-cultural perspective… NOT a scientific one! Not one of those statements is backed by science… those are all just “observational anecdotes.”

    More importantly, your “restatement” of my paradigm change is a disgusting representation of the highest level of ignorance! One can attribute it to the fact that you don’t actually know what a “scientific discovery” is, but I don’t think that in any way lets you off the hook.

    Your level of ignorance is vile! To use the types of arguments you use, which constantly DISMISS what was actually said… is about as typical of an example of 21st century brain-power as I can imagine! I have clearly stated my thesis over and over… and yet you try to misappropriate it, because you are fully aware that if you try to attack my actual argument, you do not have a leg to stand on!

    Quite simply… the people who have no argument and no foundation, are forced to rely on mud-slinging and yellow-journalistic tactics. And by inductive processes, one should see immediately that those employing such methods are simply avoiding the argument.

    I restate over and over that you refuse to use logic or science, while I continue to restate only logical and scientific evidence.

    The only progressive life force on earth (directed towards evolution within a species) is sexual recombination. And that only occurs as a product of the scientific principle of Duality: sex through 2 systems (male and female). Attempting to avoid that reality by calling people “homophobic,” simply because you want to defend your lifestyle as something other than an opposition to natural law… IS NOT SCIENCE!

    At no point will you ever succeed in defeating my argument… it is not possible! And your insistence on trying to claim that my theory is something other than what I have clearly stated, is only effective among people who are as simple-minded and ineffectual in their thinking as you are! But everybody who has a brain, knows, you got jack shit!


    • Ha, ha, ha!

      This just keeps getting better and better. It’s surprising how a intellectual giant such as yourself has the willpower( or time, or or energy) to keep trying to “one up” a stupid such as myself. I really must be cutting into your “post bigoted things on comment sections” time.

      P.S.- Here’s my “paradigm”. I am rubber and you’re glue, whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you. Bigot.

  30. Good lord man, publish in a peer-reviewed journal and not a movie blog if you want to be taken seriously. Alternatively, tell us what other sites you’ve posted this nonsense on so we can watch you humiliate yourself some more.

  31. The real Bob (I guess)… It’s nice to see that someone understands how things work in science. But (if you really do understand… a la Thomas Kuhn)… then you know that every attempt to “dethrone” science is met with resistance.

    Again, the lesson is out there: Galileo… we all know he was right (in hindsight)… but were his (100% correct) ideas met with warm reception in peer-reviewed journals? Of course not! He died in prison! Because (once again) that is how scientific revolutions take place. You do not silently whisper that you have the answers, and have the scientific community roll out the red carpet. Every scientific revolution is a violent one, where one or a few people have to take on a group of people who represent established science.

    In today’s world, propagation of information through the “ether” (no matter how ignorant its recipients) is the only means of disseminating information. And by definition, the person professing truth will always be resisted with vehement opposition by those who have the most to lose. Again, simply reference Kuhn (the undisputed authority on the fundamentals of paradigm formation in science) if you don’t understand how this works.

    Kuhn is simply the ONLY representative of authority on the subject of scientific paradigm formation.

    To suggest that someone can just come along and say… “Oh, by the way, you all have it wrong!”… and be accepted (no matter how much evidence favors them) is to have a complete ignorance regarding the process!

    Kuhn was not ignorant of how this works, and to date, nobody has ever produced a single word that contradicts his pioneering work, despite the fact it was written more than 50 years ago! This is not my opinion, this is the opinion of the entire scientific community, which recognizes that his work is the single (and only) authority on this subject!

    This raises the important question… have any of those of you questioning MY authority on this subject, every read a single page of his undeniably authoritative work on the subject of paradigm formation?

  32. Anybody who responds without addressing the last question in my last post, will not be acknowledged… as it is a tacit admission that you are not qualified (on the most remedial level) to enter into a discussion about paradigm formation in science!

  33. The acceptance of my paradigm would mean that 90% of scientists in the world would be discredited. Do you really think “peer-reviewed” journals are eagerly awaiting my paradigm shift?

    The book is already written and published… but none of that matters until COMMON PEOPLE open their eyes! In all likelihood millions (or billions) of people will disappear before the new paradigm will be embraced… but one thing is certain: it will be embraced, because that is how science works! Resistance is temporary, and self-motivated… but truth penetrates these fallacies in the long run. The only real variable is the cost that has to take place before it does!

    So while I will encounter 100 people like those on this forum for every 1 person who gets it… in the long run, it will be my name that persists in history, and all of yours that are lumped in to the big category known as “irrelevance!”

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