Cody the Robosapien – A Robosapien movie was completed!?!

Cody the Robosapien

The robot R.O.B. made fun of on the playground!

[adrotate banner=”1″]Remember long ago when there were robot dinosaurs at that store in the mall that sold expensive office things that’s somehow still around in this terrible economy? And then there was a robot guy, and then they all disappeared and this was 2004? Well, that robot is now a slightly different robot and a movie that was announced so long ago I had forgotten about it has been completed. Cody the Robosapien (formerly Robosapien: Rebooted) has hit trailer and will soon hit theaters where you can not go see it and it will bomb like it’s Ben Affleck in Phantoms!

Henry isn’t the most popular kid in school. So, when he comes across a broken robot named Cody, things start to look up. After fixing him, Henry discovers that Cody isn’t your average automaton — he’s a highly intelligent search and rescue robot!

The new friendship looks like it may be brought to an abrupt end however, when the military lab that created Cody tries to seize him back. When they then kidnap Henry’s mother and Cody’s inventor, it’s up to one boy and his robot to outwit their captors and save the day!

From the producer of Spider Man, X-Men and Iron Man, and co-starring David Eigenberg (Sex And The City) and Penelope Ann Miller (the multi Oscar winning, The Artist), Robosapien blends fast-paced action and mischievous humour to create a rollercoaster ride of an adventure that all the family will love!

Just once I want to meet a bullied kid who then gets bullied by the robot/gremlin/troll/Munchie/Gooby that befriends him. Also this may be where that rumored Short Circuit remake ended up, because the plot sounds very similar…

And it’s directed by Sean McNamara, who you might recall directed Bratz and also directed the upcoming Baby Geniuses movies Baby Geniuses and the Mystery of the Crown Jewels, Baby Geniuses and the Treasures of Egypt, and Baby Geniuses and the Space Baby!

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