Fox Ghost (Review)

Fox Ghost

aka Erotic Ghost Story: Flirtatious Pairs aka 聊齋誌異之孽慾孤鬼 aka Liáo zhai zhì yì zhi niè yù gu xian

Directed by Stanley Tong Man-Hong

This is what happens when you don’t use dryer sheets and the static cling goes to overload!

From 2002 we have a Category III film of the sexual kind, Fox Ghost. And we must ask one question: Is it any good? No. Actually, two questions: Does it deliver the goods? Not really. If you want a cheap Cat III flick, it does okay, but the film isn’t erotic, is barely entertaining, and much of the film is boring filler. There are a few moments of glory, but other films have done much better, and are far more worth your time. But if you must watch the film, you might as well be prepared. I guess Sophie Ngan fans will be happy, as will fans of Hong Kong films that import Japanese talent to provide extra nudity. 1.3 billion Chinese, and they can’t find more than one to get naked in Fox Ghost? Actually, these two girls are Japanese AV stars, so maybe it is more of a ploy for extra sales overseas. Our version has 100% no subtitles, but when has that ever stopped us? At TarsTarkas.NET, we don’t need no stinkin’ subtitles! Fox Ghost blatantly advertises the fact it stars Sophie Ngan, the star of My Secret Private Virgin and The Peeper’s Story 2 – The Escape Partner. I will get right on that.

Despite the fact as ghosts we can be intangible and have all dirt fall to the floor through us, let us now engage in pseudo-lesbian bathing practices to satisfy the 100% male audience!

As you’ve probably figured out, the story loosely based on tales from The Carnal Prayer Mat (aka Rouputuan aka 肉蒲團) and Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio (aka Liaozhai Zhiyi aka Strange Tales of Liaozhai.) It is sort of a combined version of the tales. The Carnal Prayer Mat was written by author Li Yu in 1657 during the Qing Dynasty. The Sex and Zen films originate from this tale. Liaozhai Zhiyi was written by Pu Songling (1640-1715) during the early Qing Dynasty, first known to be published in 1766 (but probably was published before then.) It is a collection of 431 stories written in classical Chinese, most featuring scholars and female spirits (the Liaozhai, which are female ghosts.) Erotic Ghost Story is one of many other films to spring from that source.

Boy, you sure are over-thinking this bathing scene!

Ma Jia/Jiang Xiao-You (Sophie Ngan Chin-Man) – A woman who becomes liberated in the arts of pleasure, and keeps wanting more and more and more from her husband. Eventually he just leaves for a while so she’s gone until the end of the film. Almost as if they couldn’t afford to pay her for the entire length of filming… She is the daughter of a big tycoon named Keung. See Sophie Ngan also in Sex and the Central.
Tao Wang San (Matthew Ng Ting) – Scholar who is adept at getting women to drop their panties (or whatever they wore in Ancient China) whereever he goes. Marries Ma Jia, daughter of tycoon Keung. Also manages to bed two female ghosts and some random girls along the way. Faithfulness isn’t a trait Tao has.
Qui Rong (Hourai Miyuki) – One of two sexy ghosts who come to grab butts, have sex, and basically do whatever they can now that they have escaped from Hell. But someone is after them….
Xiao Xie (Akeno Junko) – The other of two sexy ghosts who come to grab butts, have sex, and basically do whatever they can now that they have escaped from Hell. But someone is after them…. Actress also in Emmanuelle in Hong Kong
Falun the Monk (Patrick Keung Hiu-Man) – A monk who doesn’t put up with Judges from Hell running around in his backyard.
Judge From Hell (????) – And you thought the judge that wouldn’t overturn your parking ticket was bad! This Judge from Hell goes to hunt down escapees, in this case the two ghost sisters.
Princess Leia (????) – Daughter of Darth Vader secretly hidden from him at birth in Ancient China. A leader in the Rebel Alliance against the Galactic Empire. Not adverse to kissing her brother.
Look, I’d like to help, but thanks to this hat I can’t walk through doorways anymore!

Pinwheel, pinwheel, spinning around. Look at my pinwheel and see what I’ve found.

We start as Tao dreams of four killer ghosts in the woods, but it is all a dream. Hence, me saying it was a dream. Even when the local old man who says there really are ghosts tells his story, Tao is unscared, because Tao is a rock of unshakeableness. Tao is a scholar in town, and his two friends (We shall dub them Stutter and Normal, as I didn’t catch their names) witness him flirt with a girl, who Tao ends up having sex with a few minutes later outside of town. (She is 100% body double, as the actress was too much a lady to get naked for cash.) Later, Stutter and Normal overhear her speaking of the sexual encounter of coitus later at a restaurant, but they don’t get to hear the juicy parts due to a crying baby. Restaurants are the airplanes of 11th century China.

Tao runs into a woman in orange at the restaurant, who he will meet much later in an important plot twist. Stay tuned! Tao then finds Ma Jia playing a Chinese instrument by the river. She is there with her maid, Princess Leia, who seems to be hiding from the Galactic Empire by surgically altering her face (proof that this movie takes place a long time ago!) Ma Jia seems unresponsive to Tao’s advances, making her the only girl he doesn’t nail within 24 hours of meeting her.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is Ghostpointer!
Tee-Hee, us ghost ladies can’t wear shirts because we’re ghosts!

To underscore that last point, that night Tao meets a girl in the woods and has sex with her within five seconds of meeting her. Seriously. Five seconds. I counted. And no nudity! Film, perhaps you don’t understand what kind of film you are, but it ain’t the kind of film where people have non-naked sex!

Tao’s friends tell him that Ma Jia’s house is supposed to be haunted. Undaunted, he continues to try to pursue her, and eventually her dad Keung sets them up. Tao’s two friends give Princess Leia a sack of gold to try to seduce Tao, but Tao spots them watching and rejects her. I never knew Princess Leia was so cheap. Perhaps the Rebel Alliance was having funding problems? Or maybe we now know how they really got the Death Star Plans!

How dare you say Breaking Bad is better than The Wire!
Tee-Hee, doing laundry is so fun if you’re a ghost lady!

That night, Tao is visited by the ghost sisters Xiao Xie and Qui Rong. They don’t do anything, because Tao is totally in love with Ma Jia. Tao marries Ma Jia, and during their honeymoon, the ghost sisters spy on them sexing it up because they are ghost perverts. Or as I call them, Slimers! ::Puts on shades, drinks vintage Ecto Cooler::

At the waterfall, all the girls in town bath here, get into splash fights, and get full frontal nude! Even the ghost sisters! The two sisters get so turned on, they have sex with each other! Because that’s what women do when they bathe. They aren’t the only ones going lesbo, but the only ones the camera bothers to focus on. It’s a gigantic orgy down at the bathing pool!

This is the best movie ever.

You got the entire text of War and Peace tattooed on that thing!
This season’s Survivor episodes got a little weird…

It ceases to be the best movie ever as the scene ends, and now Ma Jia wants sex. And sex. And sex. And sex. Did I mention she craves sex? Because she does! Tao keeps sexing her up, but it is getting in the way of his studies. Though it is helping the film make up for lost time in that boring plot near the beginning. However, Tao leaves to go to an abandoned house to study. This works, until the two ghosts show up.

The two ghost sisters are annoying at first but he fixes their graves and befriends them, so they start sexing him up. Keep that in mind the next time you walk through a graveyard and see a messed up grave. Now Tao is having sex with two girls, instead of the one, and they are just as insatiable! How does this help his studies? Unless he is studying anatomy or ghost sexing. During this time, he meets Falun the Monk who will be more important later.

Leave for the next town, on the way, he runs into the girl in orange I told you was important earlier. She is being attacked by three evil guys. Tao scares off her attackers, and he and the girl in orange have sex. As soon as Tao gets to town, he is arrested and put on trial, for rape of the girl in orange! She is there, accusing him! It was a trap! Insert Admiral Akbar reference here! Ma Jia finds out and prays, the ghost sisters find out and come to get revenge on the girl in orange and the judge. I must confess that I think the old style judge hats that are huge are hilarious. That has nothing to do with the plot, but has everything to do with what entertained me during this segment.

This dance party is literally on fire! Someone get a hose!

During revenge, ghost girl Xiao Xie is captured by a Judge from Hell, who sentences her to have sex by him. As the Judge from Hell is disgusting, this is a very bad sentence. Where is Johnny Cochrane when you need him? The other ghost girl gets Tao to try to help save Xiao Xie, but Judge from Hell is very powerful. Luckily, Falun the Monk shows up and saves the day, defeating Judge from Hell using magic Taoist Priest powers.

Then Falun the Monk blasts the ghost sisters back to Hell! NOOOOooOOOooOooOOOOo! Where will he have our lesbian sex now?

This plot is ridiculous enough, now they expect us to believe this guy can afford an expensive rug?

Every character is upset, because for some strange reason everyone loves the ghost girls. Even Ma Jia, who hardly knows them and doesn’t seem concerned that her husband is in love with both of them. So now, Falun the Monk uses Tao and Ma Jia to do magic to send Tao to Hell to retrieve the souls of the two ghost sisters. Tao goes through a portal to Hell, and to keep him safe he has a rope tied around him! Saving the sisters somehow makes them human when he retrieves them! How does that work? Why am I questioning the validity of the girls being human when they were just rescued from Hell by a guy with a rope tied around him thrown into a portal.

It is happy ever after, as the four live together under one roof. And Tao has sex with all of them!!! (One at a time, of course! Some producer didn’t want to pay extra for a foursome scene..)

Well, that was certainly very…something. But we want more than something! Something is just lame. No more somethings. And no more Fox Ghost. Bleh.

The erotic kissing of Fox Ghost!

Rated 2/10 (we got the girls, we got the talent!)

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