Dinosaurs vs. Aliens wants to bring more dino action to the big screen

[adrotate banner=”1″]Dinosaurs vs. Aliens is a graphic novel from Liquid Comics, written by Grant Morrison, based on a story by Barry Sonnenfeld (director of Men in Black), and with art by Mukesh Singh. Dinosaurs vs. Aliens is also being pitched at a potential film (with Sonnenfeld directing), though the title similarity to Cowboys vs. Aliens may be a bit of a turnoff. Hopefully it ends up better than Monsters vs. Aliens, which was boring boring boring.

The plot involves aliens invading during the time of the dinosaurs, and luckily for Earth the dinosaurs are pretty smart and kick some alien butt!

This is not the only potential intelligent dinosaur film coming out, and we may soon have a very dinosaur new year. It will be Dino-mite! HA! I kill me…

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Dinosaurs vs Aliens

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