Zone Fighter Episode 10 – Zettaizetsumei! Zoonfaitaa

Zone Fighter Episode 10 – Zettaizetsumei! Zoonfaitaa

aka Zone Fighter Annihilated! aka Zone Fighter Destroyed!

March of Godzilla 2012
Written by Motoo Nagai
Directed by Akiyasu Kikuchi

The title promises Zone Fighter destroyed? We can only hope… Because this isn’t anywhere near the last episode, so we know he didn’t die. Unfortunately, Zone Fighter is only destroyed by a mix of the Japanese Energy Crisis and bland ratings. What we do get are two monsters, a goofy gimmick, and Zone Fighter attempting to be creative. Which sort of works, but not well enough.

The dangers of cell phone radiation can’t be overstressed!

We got Shipudoro (& Tyler too!), a monster so lame that Zone Fighter doesn’t even bother to murder him. There is also Shadorah, who is connected to Zone Fighter in an intimate way. But that doesn’t stop him from getting brutally killed, as the crazed Zone Fighter continues to collect the scalps of anything that passes his way. If you are confused by anything in the Zone Fighter universe, check out the Zone Fighter Splash Page so all your questions can be answered.


The Garogas send a big orb to menace Zone Fighter, which he just shoots and it blows up. Of course it is all a trick as we’ll see later, but for now let’s continue with the story. The Zone family is suspicious but ignores what happens until Hikaru notices his shadow is now all wobbly and weird.

I’m not the Transformer Repungus, stop asking!

No time for doctor examinations, a monster is attacking the city! It’s Shipudoro, who is like a weirdo octopus.

The Zones get in the Zone Car and Smokey and start blasting Shipudoro with rockets and energy beams. Zone Fighter transforms into Giant Zone and easily defeats the weakling Shipudoro after a brief tussle. Shipudoro really sucks, he’s beaten so easily.

Panic at the disco!

Suddenly Zone’s shadow goes all black oil and forms into a new monster! Shadorah!

Shadorah looks cooler, has a cooler roar, but has weird fat legs. So he’s cooler than Shipudoro despite his Torgo legs. Zone Fighter is weakened from his shadow escaping and can’t fight, his energy bar going red. Even when blasted with energy by his family, he is still wimpy weak and you could beat him up with a wet feather.

The Garogas attempt to kill Zone Fighter with children’s choking hazards almost worked!

Shadorah picks up Shipudoro and the two walk off as Zone Fighter loses energy and turns back into tiny Hikaru. Why don’t the monsters squash him? Idiots! I’m hoping that is what Baron Garoga is yelling at the monsters right now. Then again, maybe if Shadorah kills Zone, he also dies, because he’s still connected via being his shadow. Maybe not, as the reverse certainly isn’t true SPOILERS!

When good shadows go bad…

Zone Fighter is sick, and the Zone family figures out his shadow is to blame. Thank goodness, because it is so obvious that’s why he’s sick that a drunken sloth could have figured this out.

JJ Abrams rebooted Star Trek again!

Zone goes to the desert to fight his shadow, which eventually turns into Shadorah again. That hopefully is the reason he’s in the desert, so when Shadorah returned no one will get squashed. That fails to work as Shadorah will go city smashing seconds after he appears.

Blasted with the power of Smurf!

Shadorah is immune to the wrist rockets, and he starts yelling at Zone Fighter, which gives Zone a big migraine! Shadorah then shows how bad a dinner guest he would be by spitting green poison gas and blasting Zone with eye beams. Amazingly, Shadorah defeats the weakling Zone Fighter and goes on to start smashing up the city again.\

Takeru Jou shows up for half a second to remind people he’s had more character development than every member of the Zone Family except Hikaru and the kid. Zone Dad and Zone Grandpa locate the underwater Garoga base that is causing the problem. Zone Angel and Zone Junior go to take it out, bringing Zone Dad along as a third wheel.

Actually, Zone Dad proves he’s a certified badass by beating up Garogas bare handed while Angel and Junior shoot up the control panels, which cause Shadorah to start exploding and venting green smoke until he is dead. I guess it isn’t Zone Fighter Destroyed, but Zone Fighter’s Shadow Destroyed!

Does this make Zone Fighter a vampire now if his shadow is dead?

Shadora just watched 6 episodes of Zone Fighter in a row!

The underwater Garoga base explodes so violently it should have killed the Zone family members on board, but they somehow escape. Zone Fighter feels better, and I guess no one bothers to kill Shipudoro, who is too lame to even hunt down and murder. Maybe send a three year old child to go kill him. As Shipudoro never returns to the show, even in episodes where they bring back monsters, Shipudoro joins King Ghidorah as the only survivors of Zone Fighter’s mad rampage of monster murder.

Prepare to die, Tiny Town!

The show ends as the camera pans to a group of shadows and everyone is happy. Except poor Shadorah, who was evil only because of Garoga balloon magic. And now he is dead. Remember when Peter Pan murdered his own shadow? I applaud Zone Fighter for trying to be creative, but you would think something like this might have some long-standing consequences. Heck, the Garogas could make shadows of the entire zone Family come alive, the vast amount of monsters causing the Zones to be too busy fighting them to give the Garogas free reign to become investment bankers and destroy the world’s economy. ..WAIT A MINUTE!!!!!

Rated 7/10 (Explode-o-vision, the director is watching arty movies again, red shadow??, wrist rockets, we Garogas sure are evil!, under the sea!, We now conclude our broadcast day…)

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