Zone Fighter Episode 11 – Kanippatsu Gojira-no Sakebi!

Zone Fighter Episode 11 – Kanippatsu Gojira-no Sakebi!

aka In the Twinkling of An Eye: The Roar of Godzilla! aka In a Hair’s Breadth: The Roar of Godzilla!

March of Godzilla 2012
Written by Kazuhisa Hattori
Directed by Jun Fukuda

Godzilla is back! And Gigan shows up to get murdered! Zone Fighter makes up for the lame monsters of the previous episode by giving us what we want, classic Toho monsters pounding the crap out of each other. And more Zone Fighter murderous monster rampage.

Godzilla grows increasingly bored in these lopsided fights, he now only does them for LOL fight moves.

Another thing you learn thanks to Zone Fighter is that car racing in Japan at the time featured cars covered in taped on tarp for some reason. I have no idea why. Even all the windows (back window and sides) are covered, and the passenger side of the front window is also covered. All you get is the driver’s side windshield and an open passenger side window. And you wear goggles while test driving despite having a windshield.

The washing machine is off-center again…

If you are still Zone Fighter confused, check out the Zone Fighter Splash Page to get educated on the world of Zone Fighter.

Word to your mother

A driver driving in a car covered in taped-on tarp is kidnapped by aliens! Despite this making the paper, Hikaru is able to drive to the location and find wreckage of the car, almost as if the police just leave wrecked cars on the side of the road in Japan.

The Garogas will never defeat…the Zone Fishes!
I’m trying hard to not make a “Can you hear me now?” joke

Hikaru is then chosen to drive a new super special car, though his racecar driving rival Sasaki is jealous. Hikaru begins to drive, but…….no breaks! A red Garoga guy mocks him via speaker.

What to do? I guess they don’t have put it in neutral and coast to a stop in Japan, because Hikaru’s plane is to turn into Zone Fighter! That doesn’t work, either, because the tarp taped onto the car is laser gun proof! The car flies into the back of a truck, which drives away.

Drive: The Senior Citizen Years
I never thought turning him over to evil aliens would result in murder!

So Zone calls his family to report what is going on. The secret Garoga plan is that the truck is driving the car to the auto wrecking yard so they can crush the car in a car crusher! Why didn’t the car drive to the auto wrecking yard itself? Never mind…

Keep in mind the entire time the drivers side window is completely down and he could just slip out, but maybe he’s trapped in the seat belt. Why doesn’t he just turn into super huge Zone Fighter and just grow too big for the car!

The new Mitsubishi Tarpcar was a colossal failure, the entire line was scraped while the guy driving them off the assembly line was still inside!
That’s where we smash through the roof each episode!

Zone Angel and Junior transform and get into Smokey to save their brother. Hikaru’s rival Sasaki has regrets and doesn’t want Zone Fighter killed, so the Garogas violently kill him with a machine gun. Suck on that bloody murder, kids!

The Garoga then attack Zone Angel and Junior with machine guns in the junkyard…until Godzilla shows up! Godzilla’s like “I just came by to check on my lame friend Zone, to see if he’s dead yet. Guess not.” But before Godzilla can leave, the Garoga’s run and send in…Gigan!

Yes, that Gigan! The Gigan who was in two films! Godzilla vs. Gigan and Godzilla vs. Megalon.

The dentist said I had no cavities this year!
Braces: The Untold Story

Gigan tries to show how awesome he is by punching a rock, so Godzilla throws him aside. He beats up Gigan a bit, then goes to rescue Zone Fighter, with Gigan in slow pursuit. Godzilla punches a power line, and suddenly Zone Fighter can climb out the window. I’m not sure what happened, but it was probably stupid.

Now we get more Godzilla vs. Gigan action! Punch, kill, destroy!

Godzilla flames Gigan and makes him explode, then does the weirdest Godzilla attack yet.

Gigan put on a little weight, was forced to triple up on parachutes.
Gigan launches into the “I’m a little teapot” attack

GODZILLA NEW POWER OF THE WEEK – Godzilla puts his tail into Gigan’s mouth, which Gigan bites, then uses the tail to lift Gigan up and down, slamming him into the ground each time. I have no idea why Gigan continues to stay clamped to his tail. Perhaps he’s stubborn and dumb.

Godzilla stands over Gigan’s motionless body, and declares victory and wanders off. He doesn’t even acknowledge Zone Fighter, it’s awesome.

But….Gigan returns to life via internal Dr. Frankenstein action and glows with electricity. So Zone Fighter grows big and fights him! The Zone Fighter Theme blares. Gigan tries to cheat with miniexplosives on his claws that almost defeat Zone. Zone is sick of tricks, so pulls some tricks of his own! Zone goes through previous NEW POWERS OF THE WEEK and blasts Gigan with a head laser, then spins around in the air and rams Gigan, then blasts Gigan with his wrist rockets.

Minya left all his toys out again!
Oh, I could have just went out the window! This entire drama was completely pointless.

After taking this epic pounding, Gigan wanders to the side, then drops dead. Laundry foam gurgles from Gigan’s mouth
and he explodes. Yes, Gigan is dead. Dead, dead, dead!

Good riddance, finally Zone Fighter murders someone who deserves it!

The Zone kids go to grave of dead Sasaki, and vows revenge. Revenge for your dead traitor friend while murdering many monsters, that’s our Zone Fighter! Also the rival racer Sasaki had no family to go to the grave, I guess. Sucks for him! But not as much as it sucks being dead. He just can’t catch a break!

My crotch is coming for you!
Gigan didn’t have his V8 today

Rated 6/10 (bite down, rocket ride, super star, headache laser, flying to crash, I do this every episode!)

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Yeah, yeah, I’m Godzilla, I breathe atomic fire. I’m a nuclear bomb allegory that’s now friend to all children. It would be ironic if I wasn’t swimming in cash!
Dial M for Murdering Gigan!
If Zone Fighter loses to that weaksauce Gigan, I’ll just laugh
Help! Occasional flares are heading in my general direction!

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