March of Godzilla 2012

March of Godzilla 2012
Continuing a TarsTarkas.NET tradition, March is once again declared a Godzilla theme month, and March of Godzilla 2012 is now on! March of Godzilla 2012 articles will be linked below as they happen!

Zone Fighter Episode 10 – Zettaizetsumei! Zoonfaitaa
Zone Fighter Episode 11 – Kanippatsu Gojira-no Sakebi!
Zone Fighter Episode 12 – Kyoujuu Kichi Chikyuu-e Shinnyuu!
Zone Fighter Episode 13 – Senritsu! Tanjoubi-no Kyoufu
Zone Fighter Episode 15 – Chinbotsu! Gojira-yo Tokyo-wo Sukue
Godzilla battles the Tricephalon Monster
Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla
Terror of Mechagodzilla

Godzilla vs Tricephalon Monster

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