March of Godzilla 2011

March of Godzilla 2011 is the theme month for March 2011. After skipping a year due to difficulties, we’re back, and there will be some weirdo Godzilla films reviewed this month! Along with some classic Godzilla films, and a few surprises.

Monster King Godzilla
Attack of the Galactic Monsters
Son of Godzilla
Destroy All Monsters
Zone Fighter – Episode 01 Kyoujuu Misairu Bakuhase-yo! (Destroy the Terror-Beast Missile!)
Zone Fighter – Episode 02 Yattsukero! Desutorokingu (Beat Destro-King!/Attack! Destro-King)
Zone Fighter – Episode 03 Tatake! Garoga-no Chitei-kichi (Defeat Garoga’s Subterranean Base!/Strike! Garoga’s Underground Base)
Zone Fighter – Episode 04 Raishuu! Garoga Dai Gundan – Gojira Toujou – (Onslaught! The Garoga Army: Enter Godzilla!/Invasion! Garoga’s Grand Army – Godzilla Appears – )
Zone Fighter – Episode 05 Kingugidora-wo Mukaeutsu! (Blast King Ghidorah at Point Blank!/Attack King Ghidorah!)
Zone Fighter – Episode 06 Kingugidora-no Gyakushuu! (King Ghidorah’s Counterattack)

Bonus Items:
Godzilla vs. Megalon comic book
Zone Fighter Splash Page

Zone Fighter

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