Zone Fighter Episode 06 – Kingugidora-no Gyakushuu!

Zone Fighter Episode 06 – Kingugidora-no Gyakushuu!

aka King Ghidorah’s Counterattack!


Directed by Jun Fukuda
Written by Juro Shimamoto and Akira Ishikari

We don’t need no stinking…subtitles? This episode has subtitles??? OMG OMG OMG! Looks like somewhere, somehow, I picked up a copy of Episode 6 that was fansubbed! Now we will know what is going on….and how boring it is! WoooOOOOooOOOOO!!!!111 Oh…and it’s a VHS rip of someone who took the DVD and transferred it to VHS for reasons unknown, so enjoy the terrible screencaps! If I had to suffer through them, so will you. MuHAHAHAHA! Evil Tars has spoken. And these screencaps will just get stolen by those thieving bastards at the Godzilla Wiki anyway, like many other images from TarsTarkas.NET.

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Meteor Man Zone, why is your theme song talking about smashing Garoga’s ambitions? Why not just kill them? They are evil, and you have no qualms about murdering all their enslaved monsters…

So the scientists from last weeks episode were inventing a Blue-Green system to reduce CO2 and radiation emissions in the air, making this show pre-Al Gore awesome. But, of course, the Garoga are in league with evil billionaire conservative businessmen and their Global Warming denialism, so they send King Ghidorah to wipe out the Blue-Green System. BOOOOO!!!!!

I am not sure why in the last episode they kept making reference to blue-green while firing weapons at King Ghidorah that made me think it was the weapons that were called that, but, whatever, these shows don’t really have that much internal consistency in the first place!

Remember, last we saw Zone Fighter, he had lured King Ghidorah into space because that is totally a good plan to lure a space monster into space to fight there. Zone Fighter has the power to speak in the vacuum of space!

King Ghidorah says “I ain’t following this idiot any longer” and bolts, spoiling Zone Fighter’s plan to lure King Ghidorah to Jupiter. I’m not sure how going to Jupiter would solve anything. Maybe he went to Jupiter to get stupider, but King Ghidorah went to Mars to get candy bars. Good thing this is a kids show and no one went to Venus!

Zone Fighter returns home to find everyone in his family was kidnapped by Garoga while he was out in space being stupid. Maybe the Zone Family can invest in some ADT home security alarm systems!

Instead of murdering them quickly, the Garoga set up an elaborate sawblade contraption to slowly cut the family in half one by one, thus giving Zone Fighter ample time to show up and rescue them. I think I saw this sawblade thing at a David Copperfield show once. But first, they shoot at Zone Fighter and his flying car with the Garoga Car, which is AWESOME!!! It has a Garoga face on the grill, a HUGE double-barrel cannon on the top, painted eyes on the sides, and all sorts of wacky 1970s funky car embellishments. Best Garoga Car EVER!

Zone Fighter punches enough Garogas that he’s suddenly inside the hidden Garoga base (Whaaaa????) and karates all the Garogas so he stops the execution and rescues his family. Zone Angel and Zone Junior also transform now and break out the guns, one shoots an antenna off of a Garoga’s head, which was pretty neat.

Now the Garogas are attacking the science research center, causing cars to fly into the air It’s King Ghidora doing it! Somehow. By flapping his wings. Hey, I didn’t write this crap!

Baron Garoga in his cape flipping it around while demanding King Ghidorah flap his wings harder and harder. No comment.

Zone grows big and picks up the cars and just sets them down. Good thing King Ghidorah didn’t destroy these cars and researchers in them like he’s destroyed everything else ever he’s attacked. And also good thing he doesn’t attack Zone Fighter until Zone is done setting down all the cars one by one.

King Ghidorah and Zone Fighter fight! Fight fight fight! The other two Zones break out Smokey. Smokey blasts King Ghidorah and takes him down, but tragically Zone Fighter suffers what looks like a terrible migraine attack and he also collapses grabbing his forehead! He shrinks back to small. I guess he’s temporarily blind now. I must have missed him getting something blast his eyes. They retreat, but back home his eyesight comes back, so this drama was all pointless.

The Zone Family breaks out their spaceship the Pandora Capsule to use against King Ghidorah in space. They mention that they were going to use the Pandora Capsule to go back to Peaceland…which was blown to atoms, there’s nothing to go back to, you idiots! Unless you like atoms. I like them very much, thank you, but I’d rather live somewhere with complex molecules!

Zone Fighter and King Ghidorah fight in space, with the Pandora Capsule flying around shooting proton missiles. Then the two fighters land on Jupiter. Yes, land ON Jupiter. The gas planet. Which is now a rock planet. Okay.

They fight for a bit.

ZONE FIGHTER NEW POWER OF THE WEEK – Zone Protective Barrier – similar to the weird doorway, this time Zone uses energy to make a solid energy shield that reflects back King Ghidorah’s rays.

ZONE FIGHTER NEW POWER OF THE WEEK – Meteor Jet – Zone runs really fast and has cartoon speedrays drawn behind him!

Zone Fighter knocks over King Ghidorah, then jumps on him and beats King Ghidorah like KG threw a snowball at him in a back alley and then taunted Zone to cry, releasing all his pent up rage and life frustrations and repressed shame over Zone’s prom date being Marla the Yak Girl, who he then dumped right after prom, but less than six months later Marla the Yak Girl finished puberty and became Marla the Supermodel and is now dating Jet Jaguar. Poor Zone.

After breaking King Ghidorah’s necks like 80 times, Zone Fighter then shoots like a bajillion Meteor Missiles into King Ghidorah, probably permanently ruining the King Ghidorah costume! King Ghidorah leaves, Zone Fighter is told not to approach the Garoga base (because if he destroyed it, the series would end too soon!), and they all fly home.

And everyone lived happily ever after…until next week!

Rated 7/10 (floating car, ringu, triple jump, This is Jupiter!, King Ghidorah runs!, Zone Stand, Ghidorah puke)

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    • The DVDs were last made in 2001. I pulled episodes off of dailymotion before they were taken down, I’ve only been able to find fights since then and not the full episodes. Maybe the new film will help prime the pump to get a new release.

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