[adrotate banner=”1″]Have you ever thought to yourself “Self, rich people just don’t have enough money and the rest of us should be paying more of our taxes to help them get richer!”? Do you also hate doing anything besides filling out a short form on the internet? Than you will love this useless gesture now being offered by people who are spending millions of dollars to try to get a flat tax passed because they know they will end up saving much more than that if it does! We bring you, where the flat taxers are revolting! They’re also having a revolt.

This is billed as the First-Ever Virtual Protest of Current U.S. Tax System – I bet Second Life already did it, and it was filled with Furries.

This looks to be the brainchild of Ken Hoagland, a flat tax champion who loves the flat tax so much he married it. Marriage void in 47 states. There will also be an in-person march in Washington DC on April 15th using real, live people! How exciting! I am sure that these people, marching on public property paid for by tax dollars screaming about how they don’t want to pay tax dollars, will see the irony of the situation and go home instead. Ha ha ha!

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There is a massive rejection of the established powers taking place in our country. Americans are mad as hell and we are not going to take anymore. The Online Tax Revolt is about sending a clear message to Washington that we are a growing and vocal movement that is calling for real change.

The first-ever Online Tax Revolt, a free, interactive march on Washington was launched using state of the art technology. Concerned Americans can have a voice on tax policy, culminating on April 15 with events in Washington, D.C.

“The Online Tax Revolt is open to every American who believes taxes and spending are out of control, harmful to our country and a threat to our nation’s future,” said Campaign Chairman Ken Hoagland. “Our economic future and that of future generations is at stake. We need taxes that are lower and a tax structure that’s fair.
“We’re in serious trouble and it falls to us to get the nation back on track. This march is a wake-up call to everyone in Washington that the American people won’t be ignored any longer,” said Mr. Hoagland.

The web page:

Let’s have a look!

Here is the high-tech Google map of the marchers heading to DC!

Let’s join the march, because I have a compulsion to join Right Wing groups. My fake identities are probably on several FBI watch lists just because they’re members of groups on FBI watch lists that I am watching myself.


Marcher WheresThe BirthCertificate from Beverly Hills, 90210 is ready to march!

I am this athletic Black female who goes jogging in a skirt for some reason…

Wait, this avatar means I am a working family!

I guess it is better than being Zombie Reagan With Finger Glued To Forehead!

Next I get to pick which team I want to join. Look at all these teams…

Where is Team Jacob? So I joined Dick Armey’s Army, because I love being a member of the Dick Army.

I have never been so proud to be revolting!

As you can see, I have a long march ahead of me. Luckily, as a member of the working class, I an afford to take a month off of work to wander around the country to head to DC for a protest so I’ll pay higher taxes. Rank has its privileges.

Now some fun! OnlineTaxRevolt has some leader boards!

Check out these disturbingly accurate avatars of the leaders of the Flat Tax March Revolt Thing!

Ken Hoagland, the scum in chief!

John McCain has never been more accurately portrayed in any medium

Joe the Plumber is now Joe the Methhead or something. What happened???

Neal Boortz, idiot.

Saul Anuzis, I don’t know who he is, but he looks like someone who ties women to railroad tracks…

Mike Huckabee! Wait, I thought everyone hates Mike Huckabee because he’s a socialist…

When Dick Armey isn’t being an astroturfing kingpin with FreedomWorks, he’s being rendered in pixel form for online astroturfing action!

Grover Norquist, giant crybaby who hates America

Herman Cain is listed here probably because they needed a Black guy to break up the White Parade, but how come this black guy has Pink Lips???

Lew Uhler must have had an accident where he was photocopied again and again and is now a 54th generation copy of himself…

How come my avatar ain’t giant and blue?

EDIT: I should let you all know that Ken Hoagland has responded to this article, I’ll post more when I have more time to go over his very long email.

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