Beauty Queens and Sex Tapes

[adrotate banner=”1″]Well, today was an interesting day. As former Miss California Carrie Prejean’s attempts to paint herself as a victim of the “liberal media” slowly implode and news of more and more sex tapes hit the web, we got blindsided over the weekend by different sex tapes of different Miss Universe contestants, Miss Japan and Miss Trinidad and Tobago! Holy beauty queen threesome, Batman! As fun as that news was, what Miss Prejean is doing is not that fun. Prejean is attempting to follow the game of Sarah Palin, declaring everything the media does is a conspiracy to destroy her by secret liberal forces who just can’t handle the truth. The difference here is Prejean has far more damaging skeletons in her closet, skeletons that will soon be prancing around like that old Merry Melodies cartoon.

Prejean (for the few of you who are surfing from India looking for women bathing in sarees that I see on the referral logs) was the beauty queen who says she was against gay marriage but for opposite marriage, thus getting into a catfight with Perez Hilton and becoming the newest blonde lady that Wingnuts flock to. She quickly decided that riding the Wingnut Welfare gravy train was better than being Miss California, so she got fired and then wrote a book (or got ghost written) as news of nude photos and breast jobs got splattered across the web. Then recently, the lawsuit she brought got dropped thanks to the pageant playing a sex tape, which coincided right as Prejean was launching her book tour, leading to this hilariously awkward interview on Larry King:

You can still see Prejean playing the victim, as she does in every other interview about this book (her publicist must have drilled this into her head) and the title of the book, Still Standing, is a testament to the victim card. The victim card is a great way to not take any personal responsibility for your statements, and a tool used more and more by right-leaning women who make dumb statements. It’s almost as if the two go hand in hand. If Prejean was really concerned about not being a victim, she would make efforts to downplay everything instead of steering every conversation in that direction. The reality is she brought all of this upon herself, and takes the cowards way out. That is not a role model, regardless of all the other things she has done. I don’t care about sex tapes, boob jobs, or any of that crap. All we have is someone trying to blame everyone in the universe except the one person truly responsible, and the sad state of their life now that their actions have come back to bite them in the butt.

Jezebel has a pretty neat look at the min-civil war on the Christian message boards as they are starting to realize they backed the wrong horse.

A far more interesting article is by Amanda Marcotte, where she discusses the image of females in the land of purity. Tars Tarkas says check that article out.

Prejean will continue to be in the news as her naked pictures and movies slowly make their way online, so we will not be rid of her for months. Thank God Joe the Plumber doesn’t have a sex tape…yet!

For those of you interested in Miss Japan Hiroko Mima and Miss Trinidad and Tobago Anya Ayoung Chee, this photo is all we can display, along with a suggestion to go to Google. But, yes, they do have a threesome (with Anya’s boyfriend Wyatt) and there are solo tapes of Anya Ayoung Chee with Wyatt. We reviewed the tapes solely in the name of science. Yeah…that’s the ticket!

Beauty Queens making a sex tape together is the ultimate expression of feminism!

Beauty Queens making a sex tape together is the ultimate expression of feminism!

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