Son of Tars and the obvious site slowdown

Godzilla Minya teach
You’ve probably noticed things have been pretty quiet here lately at TarsTarkas.NET. There’s a good reason, which is there is now a baby Tars Tarkas running around! Of course that means I don’t got a bunch of free time to watch ridiculous and cool movies from around the globe and offer exciting write-ups about them. But TarsTarkas.NET is not going anywhere, it’s just in slowmo mode for a while. There are a bunch of almost finished reviews sitting around, and eventually some will get pushed out and new ones written. Do I have a time schedule for this? Nope! But it’s going to happen…someday! Until then, we got a big archive of reviews and I still have time to yell at idiots on Twitter. Until things get back to a bit of normal, have fun!

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