TarsTarkas.NET turns 15!!!

Happy Bert Day
We all must have fallen into a wormhole because somehow TarsTarkas.NET is 15 years old! Somehow, time has continued to march on despite our insistence that we’d rather just watch weird and wonderful movies from around the globe. What a jerk! Over that 15 years TarsTarkas.NET has seen a lot of action, caused drama, received drama, become the sworn enemy of Bratz, messed with congressional elections, got stacks of legal notices, got threatened by angry actors, got hacked, and introduced rare cinema to thousands.

Let’s also give another shoutout to all the former TarsTarkas.NET contributors over the years! Starting with Iain Norman from the now sadly defunct FantasyFilmscapes.com, our co-reviews are under the Slaying the Dragon tag. And let’s not forget our mad science corespondent, good ol’ Dr. Mobusu, who is totally, totally not me writing under a different name. Once the articles making fun of racist rightwing morons proved popular, skiplogic soon joined in on the fun, becoming our most prolific writer, even joining us at the now on forever hiatus Politisink. skiplogic‘s abilities to drive rightwingers crazy surpassed even my own! dm was another contributor who joined up from the same forums (that would be the SomethingAwful forums), and also joined in at Politisink. dm is very informed on military privatization, private contractors who abuse their power, and all those suspicious links in between the military and government figures. I even managed to get POTUShead to write one article, amazing considering how little free time she had. POTUShead also helped break open the whole congressional election fiasco mentioned above.

Back to the movie world, some CineD goons headed the call to write as well! Sheldrake has contributed the most posts, he writes the amazingly awesome Pre-Code.com site that you need to check out immediately! Donald Hallene is a Disney expert who knows more about theme park rides than any human I know. And let’s not forget Ian Maddison‘s awesome essays as well, which put my writing to shame both in quality and with the amount of traffic they still generate.

Our biggest collaborations was with Todd Stadtman from Die, Danger, Die, Die, Kill!, whose own site hit 10 years online recently. We cohosted the Infernal Brains Podcast for 19 amazing episodes before I got to busy with real life to do anything on a regular schedule.

Over the past 15 years things have changed a lot, the entire nature of the internet shifted multiple times (for the worse), the political landscape has gone bonkers, movie distribution changed more times than I can count, sites I love disappeared into the ether, sites that hated us disappeared into the ether, but TarsTarkas.NET remains and will continue to remain to bring you the weird and wonderful.

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